Tuesday, May 3, 2011

April in Pictures

 Happy Birthday, Moose!  His birthday is on April Fool's day. My mom helped him celebrate with a Whataburger with cheese. 

 I decided that a few of my 30x30's are looking a little bleak (not get into a car accident for one- that was done for six months in). So I am going to come up with a few alternatives. Enter learning to do the splits. Kind of silly and I know it's not learning as much as stretching, but it's something that I have always wanted to do, but never put enough effort forth. So here is my starting point. 

 I don't know how I managed to get catch this moment on camera, but we were at the dog park and this damn chihuahua PEED on moose!  WTH!  He was kind of a jerk and definitely had small dog syndrome (which is saying a lot coming from a wiener dog owner). Moose sure did get a bath when we got home.

Sweet baby Addison, Wylie and Caroline's two month old daughter. She is so laid back and let me hold her for such a long time. Shortly after this was taken I was holding her twin brother, Tyler, and he vommed an entire bottle all down my chest. Good future training, I suppose. 

Date night to see Burn the Floor with Ross!

 My parents were supposed to go to Napa in April, but my mom got a sinus infection and couldn't fly. So we went to Coal Vines and had a bottle of wine at lunch the Friday they were supposed to be gone. I think that is The Dot's "this ain't no Napa, but it will do" face. Some of you may remember me talking about that wine- it's called Line 39 cab and I love it.

 Um, genius!

The boys at the Lone Star Park horse races. I bet once and lost. So I spent the rest of the afternoon cheering on everyone else's horses. I would much rather lose my money playing blackjack. Despite losing there was a big group of us that went and we had a really fun afternoon.

  My favorite part of the races was when this horse (Morning Glory, I think?) jumped the gun and charged out of his stall without his jockey. It was his very first race ever and he had no clue what he had done. Instead of stopping, he ran and ran as fast as he could aaaaall the way around the track with no jockey and no other horses on the track. By the time he reached the stands it was very apparent he was in it for the long haul so everyone just cheered as loud as they could for him. It was really cute! 

 I love this time of year before it gets so hot. I spent one Sunday afternoon at a park close to my house stretched out on this blanket re-reading Something Borrowed on my iPad. It was a lovely, lovely day. Speaking of, who else is excited for the movie to come out this week?!

 I saw this stop sign on my way home from the park and had to put it in reverse to take a picture. I want to get a stencil and a can of spray paint and make all the stop signs in my neighborhood this cool. But I won't. Because with my luck, I would get arrested. And bail is expensive.

I had heard dozens of people rave about the "marshmallow soup" at this Dallas restaurant called Rise. I thought it was a bit odd, but I met The Dot and my Aunt there for lunch and we decided if it was that popular we should try it. Um, yeah- not a single marshmallow in it. It is tomato soup with mini goat cheese souffles made to look like marshmallows floating in it. So there ya go: I'm saving you the confusion. 

Yay!!  References, secured. Application, completed. Number nine on my 30x30 list, mailed.
I am so excited and will be honored if they approve me to be a Wish Granter. I would be lying if I said I wasn't a little nervous about the emotional heartache of working so closely with a terminally ill child, but I have heard so many stories about how these little ones have a way of teaching you so much about life and changing you forever.

Similarly sappy, I passed this massive tree on an 18-wheeler on April 24th and secretly hoped to myself that it was on its way somewhere really special to be the focal point of a huge Earth Day Celebration. Yep, I'm openly admitting this. It doesn't get much dorkier than wishing a tree luck on its big day while driving down 75. 

On a funnier note,  Alex and I were headed to her car after grocery shopping when she ran over something that made a loud cracking noise. We looked down and she had rolled over a set of false teeth with the cart. In the parking lot of Kroger. How do you lose your teeth in the parking lot of grocery store and not notice?!? Gross.

I love this. Quick way to make me a huge fan of your restaurant is to include drink pairings for all of your entrees. One of my Deep Ellum favorites, Local, does this but is a bit too pricy for frequent visits. I was excited when I recently had dinner with some friends at The Common Table and saw that they do this as well. 

 And their bar looks like this. Need I say more?

My sweet baby cousin, Cameron, turned one! Here she is opening her new "laptop". Looks like hers isn't the only laptop I will be purchasing since the macbook died. 

Fancy toad-in-a-hole Easter brunch at Charlie Palmer.

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