Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Carolina On My Mind

I made it back from my little weekend vacay to North Carolina!  I had a great time and NC surprisingly made the extremely short list of places I would move if I were to ever leave Texas- which says a lot! However, the traveling part was a bit eventful to say the least...

On the way there:
  1. All flights out of Dallas were delayed three-ish hours resulting in pandemonium at Love Field.
  2. My first flight took twice longer than expected since we had to circle Little Rock for an hour waiting for another storm to pass. 
  3. Delays = every seat taken on every leg. Nothing like trying to get comfortable with an arm rest hog next to you.
  4. The flight attendants didn't serve drinks on either of the first two legs due to weather. This was loads of fun after 42 beers at the airport and issues 1-3.
  5. I was supposed to get in to Raleigh at 10:50pm. Made it there at 3:00am. Rental car company counter closed at 11:00pm. Murphy's Law at its finest.
On the way home: 
  1. Left my wallet in Emily's car the Sunday night and had to meet her at her work on my way out of town the next day to pick it up. 
  2. Checked only the time and not the flight number in Chicago and ended up waiting at the wrong gate and missing my connection. Luckily, after frantically sprinting back and forth like a ping-pong ball between gates B2 & B15 at Chicago Midway, I was able to get on the flight I thought I was supposed to be on in the first place with no problems.
  3. Had my honor defended when my seatmate and I were discussing me almost missing my flight and some douche in front of me piped up that it was "because I was a woman". Seriously. I thought my born-and-raised-in-West-Texas-and-all-that-that-entails seatmate was going to throw a legit right hook at this dude but instead told him that "when he got older and wiser he would learn to cut that chauvinistic shit out". In other news, I am now looking for a husband from West Texas. Only not the one I almost had. He doesn't count.
  4. The same chauvinistic jackass from above later asked if I could drive him to his hotel when we got in at 11:00 since the shuttles would no longer be running. Um, let's see, first you insult me and now you are creepily asking me where I'm from and how far I live from the airport... how about not only "no" but "HELL NO". There's a little thing called taxis... try one. 
I'm definitely not whining about it- it was just more comical than anything else. Especially since a good portion of the issues were self-inflicted! I kept in good spirits though, mostly thanks to my mom's instructions to "buy food to take on the plane with you even if you aren't hungry". Why are moms always right??

However, it was well worth it. Emily is my oldest friend (BFF's in second grade) and it was so good to see her, meet her husband, and catch up. We hadn't seen each other in 10-15 years so I was a bit nervous going into it. I didn't know if we'd have anything in common still or if we'd have anything to talk about. But it really was like picking up where we left off. It's interesting how we are attracted to the same types of people throughout our lives, because I could totally see her in Dallas fitting right in with my girls from college.

Sadly we only got probably five pictures total- this is me with her husband, Thomas, after a long Saturday night hitting the town in Charlotte.

She and Thomas were high school sweethearts (adorable). It was cool to see her with married and very obviously happy. For some reason it was amusing to me to see someone you used to play "house" with in second grade as an adult, with a husband, and thinking about having babies. It doesn't seem like that long ago that we were tormenting our second grade teacher, Mrs. Bartley.

She lives in the cutest neighborhood I've ever seen. I called it Stepford the whole time because it was so picture perfect:
Wisteria Lane meets Stepford. 
 We sat up here in those rocking chairs drinking red wine on Sunday night.
Their cute little house.

Like I said, while I am a Texas girl through-and-through- I could definitely live in North Carolina. It is so beautiful. The hills, the huge trees, the wildflowers. Loved every bit of it. I really fell head over heels for Chapel Hill. It was one of the cutest little towns I've ever been to:

The houses on sorority row were probably my favorite:
I know, I'm a dork, but I had to! The Chi-O house wasn't the best looking one on the block but it was still pretty cute!

AND they have Dean & Deluca in Charlotte. I for sure hit up two locations (mainly because my foodie shopping extravaganza was slightly deterred on Stop One by a missing wallet). The score I am most excited about is a tube of Umami paste. I've never used this before but I can't wait to try it out in the next couple weeks! Maybe I'll even get back to posting Foodie Friday (gasp!). 

I was happy to get home, but even happier that I went. I'm hoping that we can get together more often than once a decade now that we've caught back up.

Emily, thanks again to you and Thomas for being wonderful hosts- I had such a great time! 

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Maggie said...

Yessss! I love my home state getting some love -- I'm so glad it treated you well during your visit. I love NC for a thousand reasons, truly.