Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Jodi Leibovitz

I have to take a moment to brag about one of my best friends, Jodi.

This girl never does anything half-assed. When she decides she's interested in something, she doesn't just dip her toe in the water- she pitches her entire body into the deep-end with zeal. It's something I admire the most about her and a quality I wish I could emulate.

Jodi is also my Goddaughter's mama and when Madison was born, her husband gave her a fancy pants dSLR camera as a "push present". True to form, she has wasted no time learning everything there is to learn about the camera and photography in general. She found local classes, blogs, and books to brush up on her skills. And it's definitely paid off- she has some breath-taking photos of her little one scattered throughout their home.

I have a couple of things going on right now that required me to provide some current headshots and full-length photos (more on this later, I have been sworn to secrecy for the moment), so of course I called Jodi to see if she might be able to take a few for me to use. The next day I had a shot list, outfit suggestions, and pre-scouted location options in my email box. Why she isn't doing this for a living yet, I'm not sure. If I have any say in it- it will only be a matter of time.

While I realize the following walks a dangerous line of turning this blog into an Ode to Narcissism, I just had to share a few of my favorites with you.  If you are in Dallas and would like to contact her to do a portrait session, she can be reached through her blog here.

She is probably going to kill me for that one!

That last one was just for fun- we couldn't resist. ;)

JJ: a huge THANK YOU to you for being my camera-clad, champagne toting, Annie Leibovitz. Especially since what was supposed to be just a few shots turned into a full-day event and over 500 photos. You are so talented and need to at least start a little side business. I think I know someone that might be able to do a little marketing for you. Guess I sorta just did, huh? ;)


melissa said...

Great pictures pretty lady! They're all fabulous. You've piqued my interest on what the photos are for! Can't wait for the details.

Tiffany Anne said...

These turned out fantastic! Jodi does great work :) Good luck!

Katie said...

These are so great! The mad photog skillz and the model are both perfect!

Brynn said...

Pretty pretty!!!! I want to know what they are for! :)

The Waspy Redhead said...

Gorgeous! You're such a stunner! We need to catch up, I'm curious about what you've got marinating.