Friday, May 13, 2011

On the Move!

In light of recent events, the roomie and I have decided that we should probably start looking at other living situations. "Recent events" mainly being several unannounced Realtors showing up on our doorstep resulting in a mad dash through the house shoving shit into laundry baskets. Not fun and we're over it.

So, the new plan is to start looking around and shoot for an end of July move-out date/beginning of September move-in date. What are we going to do for the month of August, you ask? Well, for part of it we'll be galavanting around Italy practically FREE since we won't be paying rent for that month. I know, brilliant plan.

I'll be gone for a little over two weeks, so if we waited it out and our house happened to sell right before I left we (I) would be screwed. I can't imagine having one week to pack up, find a new place, and move out. One of our main reasons for staying (Julie living so close I could chunk a rock and hit her house) is no longer a reason because she's moving in June. And honestly, we're just done with the showings. Especially since the disruptions have no benefit to us what-so-ever. I completely understand being willing to show your house as many times as necessary when it's your house that you are going to benefit from selling. To us it's just annoying.

Since there will be a month gap in-between moving out and moving in (if everything works according to plan) we can't really just hire movers unless we want to do it twice. Enter THE POD!

Basically they deliver these suckers, you load it up, they store it for as long as you want and then they deliver it to your new place when you're ready! Such a great idea!

I figure it's definitely a long-shot to make all of this work out timing-wise. I tend to craft these elaborate plans that have a way of blowing up in my face, but I think it's actually a pretty solid, financially-responsible plan.  And we'll be able to enjoy Italy without worrying about the repercussions to our bank accounts!

Anyone used a POD before? Good, bad, ugly?

Here's to house hunting!! Wish us luck!


melissa said...

Sounds like a great plan! We wanted to use PODs for our last move but they didn't service our area yet so it didn't work out. I think saving $$ on rent while you're in Europe is pretty darn brilliant! Since you'll be homeless anyway, maybe you should just extend the trip for the full month. :)

Wayne Walker said...

no. no. to the month extension . . . what is melissa thinking???