Saturday, May 21, 2011

Things I'm Loving

  1. A new website I found called the Bauble Bar. I saw it on Possessionista and clicked over to find the cutest jewelry!  From what I understand, if you like something you have to buy it quickly because their inventory is constantly turning over and they don't restock. The upside to that is that they should constantly have fun, new stuff. Here are some of my favorites
  2. That I am heading off this afternoon on a little weekend getaway to North Carolina to see a friend I haven't seen in probably 15 years. We had originally planned on the first weekend in May, but kind of forgot that was Mother's Day weekend. I can't wait to catch up on her life and get out of Dallas for a few days. Love mini-vacations (especially with old friends)!
  3. JogFM. I may have mentioned this before but since I can't remember for sure, here it is again! It's a playlist generator for your runs. Basically, you go to this website, enter in your average pace per mile and it creates a playlist of songs that match the beat of your feet hitting the ground.  There's nothing worse than running and having a song come on that throws your mojo off. It's also great for adding a few songs that are faster than your average pace if you want a little motivation to speed up. 
  4. I don't have a new favorite song for you, but in the spirit of being in North Carolina (because I forgot to post this before I left), here is one of my favorite songs from my past by a local NC band called Weekend Excursion. My hostess for the weekend actually introduced me to this band when I was in high school, and I wore this song in particular out for the better part of 1999. Apparently being in a long distance relationship + angst-y teenager = Weekend Excursion on repeat. 

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