Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Calm Before the Storm

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So July is shaping up to be quite the whirlwind!  We just found out last night that our little townhouse was sold and we have 30 days to be out. We had tentatively planned on moving out anyways, but this definitely set more concrete plans in motion.

The crazy part? Our "out date" is two days before the baby shower I am helping host at my parent's house.

When I host showers I usually turn my kitchen into a war zone the week before and then take all the party food over to my parents' house already made.  This keeps their house nice and clean for the festivities and allows me to "do my thing" in my own kitchen in my usual messy fashion. So, approaching this from a glass-half-full angle, I think it will teach me a valuable lesson on how to preplan a bit more and to attempt to keep things somewhat clean. Should be a nice little challenge to say the least!

In other news, our trip to Europe is starting to come together!  Our flights to Paris and home as well as my flight from London to Rome are booked, tentative train options have been oogled, we have a hotel in Nice booked, and we have found some great options for hotels in the rest of the cities.

On that note, just a little PSA: when you use the "Name Your Price" dealy on and a hotel accepts your bid, they charge your card for the entire stay IMMEDIATELY. Thank goodness I just paid myself yesterday!! Either way it is kind of nice to be able to pay for that chunk of the trip two months in advance- especially since it's the last leg. I know that I will feel like I'm hemorrhaging money by that point, so it will be great not to have to mess with that expense just in case my credit cards are maxed out on olive oil and pesto.

So that leaves us with:

29 days to Move Out!
31 days to Party Time!
46 days to Au Revoir!

Thank goodness I thrive on mass chaos!! Wish me luck!

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missris said...

Wow that sounds like a very full month. Good luck!