Wednesday, June 1, 2011

May in Pictures

 We celebrated E's 29th birthday with dinner at Neighborhood Services and then a little bar hoppin. 

It was hard to top the sombrero cake from last year, but this one turned out pretty delicious. I baked a butter cake and topped it with nutella frosting that I made up as I went along. The birthday girl said, and I quote, that I "should never frost another cake with anything but this." I agree, but I would probably eat a tire if it had nutella slathered on it so I don't know that I'm the best judge. 

 Super easy way to gussy up a vanilla cake- lots of food coloring on the first layer, a little bit in the second, and none (or a tiny bit, if you prefer) in the third. 

Nothing like working off the cake with a little dancin'.

I think I have sung the praises of this short rib recipe before, but this has become one of my go-to's. I made them for my parents for a delayed Easter dinner.

 When I killed my macbook, Bossdad got a bit nervous that I didn't have a back-up for my older work laptop that was barely chugging along. Fear of me being out of working order for a few days led him to suggest that I do a bit of shopping. New computers might only be second to new cars in my book. What is it about turning on that clean slate that is just so fun??

Mark and I went to a Kentucky Derby party so I had to go hat shopping. I would wear this baby every day if I could- I loved it!

My parents went to Napa in May. In other news, I am setting up a cot at their house for the next month.

Sweet chunky boy.

First arboretum trip of the season! I can't wait for the Spazmatics June 28th!

They are becoming pros at the art of the arboretum picnic.

Sunset at Love Field. Those stormy skies were beautiful even if I was cursing them aloud while waiting for my flight to North Carolina to board. 

North Carolina Dean & Deluca fabulousness. With Trader Joe's on its way, all we need now is a D&D and I would be one very happy girl. Although, not having it does make it that much more fun when you run across one...

I passed this car in North Carolina and had to take a picture. We've all seen the stick figure family decals. My personal favorite version seen here on Wylie's car. But this was a stick figure family with what looks like two cats on the left side and seven(!!!) on the right. Yes, I am a dog person, but I am still a lover of all animals. However, NINE CATS?!?  FAR TOO MANY!!!

Tornado watch. See that area in the red with all the lightning bolts? Yep, that's where I live. Fun times.

I think with all the devastation over the last month we're all a bit panicky when it comes to tornados. That's why when Pete Delkus suggested I get in the closet... Alex and I got our asses in the closet. 

With moose. 

And wine. 

And apparently sombreros.

The month ended with these two getting engaged! Congrats Adam & Meredith! I've known Adam over a decade so it has been fun to see them fall in love.

Hope everyone has a good start to the summer- can you believe it's already June?!

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melissa said...

Can I move in to your parents house too? I don't need much room. I'll just sleep under their dining room table, so I'm close to that wine. HEAVEN!