Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Moving Musings

Sorry y'all. I know moose & lulu has gone all one-track-minded around here. But such is my life right now!  

I figured out yesterday that our current townhouse is the longest I have ever lived anywhere (3 years) since leaving my parents' house for college. Post-college I hopped around about once a year, then the ex-fianc√© and I moved twice, then when I came to my senses that ended- I moved to my current abode and have been here ever since.

Which leads me to the fact that as much of a beating as it is, people should really move every two years for the sole purpose of cleaning out all their crap.


I have found the weirdest stuff. 

Case in point, my circa 2004 Palm Pilot:
Can I just tell you... I thought I was The Shit when I got this thing. I bought my first laptop with my college graduation money and I think that Dell threw this in for free. I was 22, fresh out of college with my new ass-hugging BCBG suits* (because Banana Republic's seemed "so old ladyish") and my corporate radio sales job, and let me just tell you- I delighted in tapping away and scheduling all my ohsoimportant CNA's** on this sucker.

*I believe those BCBG suits were a size 2 and I doubt I could squeeze my left cheek into them now, let alone my entire rear. FML. 

**CNA = Client Needs Analysis for those of you that have never been lucky enough to have spent time in the Wonderful World of Sales.

However, I did find some fantastic surprises as well:
A $50 giftcard from the girls to a spa that just so happens to have a location right below our new apartment. I could probably chunk a rock from our balcony and hit it. I have to say, I'm quite delighted that this was lost and then found because it made my day that not only will I be able to indulge in some post-move pampering but I'll be able to walk right outside my door to do so. 

And finally, some harsh realizations:
My name is Natalie and I'm an Olive Oil Hoarder. 

This is bordering on ridiculous, no? In my defense, I do use them all. The Tuscan Herb is my favorite.

As should come as no surprise, the packing process for me is not of a tidy nature. Every area of our house currently looks as if it was ransacked. I got so tired of looking at the mess in my room that I moved my path of destruction to the kitchen. My roommate is a very patient person to say the least.

A week and a half to go!  I have no doubt there are more "treasures" to be found along the way!

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Maggie said...

I'm totally with you on finding the CRAZIEST things while moving.

Does your Avalon perch mean you're moving to the West Village?