Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Boomerang Equals Brilliant

People love to refer to our generation as lazy and entitled. We've all seen the news stories about grown adults moving back into their parents' basements and lounging around all day while their parents worked in order for them to have a (free) meal.

I'm not going to lie. I watched these shows and I scoffed at the socially-awkward-basement-habitating adult children. I would never do that, I thought.

I was wrong. 

Sure, my situation is temporary. But I'm not going to lie- if it weren't for a legally binding, signature inscripted lease in place to start the day after I get home from Europe, I might consider sticking around awhile longer. This place? Is HEAVEN! 

Last week I came home to all my laundry done. And not just done, done by a MOM. Everything is better when moms do it. Can I get a show of hands of all the people out there than can agree that sandwiches just taste better when moms make them?  That's what I thought. My clothes hadn't looked this good in years. And she even ironed some of them. 

My dad is right there with her. He's so excited to have me back that when I walked downstairs Monday night he had voluntarily turned on the Bachelorette. Yes, my dad who reads car magazines and watches wrestling was witnessing the most dramatic rose ceremony ever.

Everyone keeps asking me if living at home is hard. Well let's see... if you consider homemade cinnamon rolls on Sunday morning, or a private pool that isn't a questionable shade of yellow like so many apartment pools seem to be, or a never ending supply of good red wine, hard- then YES... it's miserable.  

However, my mom's phone call just now may have finally solidified my thinking that these boomerang kids are actually the smartest ones among us. I quote: 

"Hey, I just wanted to call and see what your plans are for Saturday afternoon?  I booked us a mani/pedi appointment for 3:00 so I thought we could go to work out with the personal trainer at noon and then grab lunch before heading over there." 

Alex, you may need to start looking for a new roommate because I may never leave!  


Tiffany said...

This made me laugh SO hard!! It's true...everything really is better when your mom does it! Enjoy your saturday funday!

Wayne Walker said...

I did not voluntarily turn on the bachelor. I was assaulted with a wine glass, she grabbed the remote and growled at me! I just don't feel safe in my home anymore.

Walker said...

That's it! I'm moving back in too!! Hope you got room for three more!