Tuesday, July 5, 2011

June in Pictures

Parenting at its finest. Yes, the baby is out of the stroller and therefore out of hand's reach of the alcoholic bevvy but it still made me laugh. Bottle for baby and bottle for mama.

I am a lucky girl to have these two guys as friends. Balke was the Sous Chef at York Street and Jeff is the former Chef de Cuisine of craft here in Dallas. They just opened a restaurant together and have spent the last few months developing the concept which meant nights off to cook for friends! They definitely spoiled us this particular night.

 See what I mean? Those mashed potatoes were heaven in my mouth. 

 One for the baby book: Jeff's little boy, Jackson, is apparently already quite the wino.

 So I may have locked myself out of the house at the beginning of the month. I attempted to climb on top of Rachel's rental car in an effort to hoist myself up on the balcony that I thought might be unlocked. Unfortunately, I have the upper body strength of a wet noodle and that was NOT happening. So Rach's hubs came to my rescue... only once he heaved himself up there we found that the doors were, in fact, locked. Oopsies.

 Cool Thursdays at the Arboretum have been officially renamed "Hotter than Hades Thursdays" but we still had fun. Wylie and Caroline left the twins at home to come out and enjoy a Journey cover band.

 Me and the roomie at the Arboretum.

 Nothing like a flight of bubbles to kick off a Friday afternoon. Clint and Whit came in town a couple weeks ago and we celebrated their arrival accordingly.

 Me with my brother and sister-in-law after dinner at Coal Vines in the 'burbs. Which Plano also now has a Twisted Root, a Gingerman, and a Sambuca among others. Who knew that Legacy would turn into such a hotspot?

My dad decided he wanted a bike. So since it was Father's Day we all hopped in the car and accompanied him to Richardson Bike Mart. Now I want a bike as well. With a basket for moose. Too bad it's going to be 106 degrees outside today. 

 Father's Day dinner with my grandparents and Clint & Whit.

My favorite thing to throw away during my massive moving clean-out? The stacks upon stacks of wedding planning stuff. I lived with the ex-fiance before our townhouse and I apparently didn't take the time and/or wasn't ready to let go of this stuff when I moved out of his house. Now? I throw away everything I can get my hands on.

This is what happens when I start packing up my closet to move- I end up putting on various articles of forgotten clothing & accessories that I come across until the point I look like a bag lady. Mexican Dress + new scarf + favorite ski hat = hobo chic? Maybe I shouldn't start that fashion blog quite yet.

Dallas finally got with the times and approved permits for food trucks. These have long been "all the rage" in other cities and I've been itching to try one. We got our chance and stopped by Gandolfo's New York Deli food truck to try their goodies. I wouldn't tell Bossdad where we were going and he kept trying to guess which was quite amusing since he was thinking solely brick and mortar.

Girls Night + Two Bottles of Prosecco = not a fun Saturday morning. We did have a lot of fun leading up to Saturday morning, however.

You know that feeling when you're already smitten with a guy and then he tells you that he saves babies in third world countries as a hobby? No? Me neither. BUT, I can imagine it must feel close to the same as when the leasing agent at my new digs told me they have a farmer's market every Saturday selling local produce steps outside my door.

Hope everyone had a fantastic Fourth!

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