Monday, July 18, 2011

Moose Monday- Only Child

As most childless people can attest to, my dog is pretty much like my child. He is spoiled beyond belief and is loved on and pampered more than a dog probably should be. Especially since he's my only one.

Now, however?

He's one of four.

Since I'm staying with my parents until I get back in August, he's having to share the love and affection with their three dogs. He's usually quite happy to have playmates for a few days, but I think he's hit his limit. I noticed yesterday that he's started following me around wherever I go, looking at me like, "Alright mom, the joke's over- let's go home to our peace and quiet now!"  Poor guy doesn't quite realize that not only do we have another two weeks, he has another three weeks there without me.

Whenever I leave for the weekend and come home, he usually sits next to me on the couch staring at me for a good ten minutes while violently wagging his tail. The last time he did this I was gone for all of 18 hours. I think his entire ass will be wagging after three weeks.

For unconditional love like that, it's no wonder we pamper them and treat them like they are children!

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