Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Shopping Advice Needed!

My favorite thing about new places is the guilt-free interior design shopping. For some reason I find it very hard to give myself permission to buy new things for my house when I've been living somewhere for awhile and it's completely decorated already. For example, if I have a perfectly functional lamp on an end table, I have a hard time justifying replacing it just because I find something I like better. However, when I'm planning for a new space, all that goes out the window!

I have slowly begun to replace the furniture and other items that were graciously bestowed upon me in college. A perfect example being my parents' couch that they bought the same year I was born:
Not the greatest picture to capture its mauve and baby blue glory, but you get the general idea- it was a beaut. Interestingly enough, most of the photos that have the couch in them also capture my friends (or myself) in a rather "blog-unfriendly" light. Man, if that couch could talk... we would have to put a muzzle on it and swear it to secrecy. I really do wish I could post some of those photos because they are hilarious, but I don't feel like fielding hate calls from friends at this hour.

I kept the best part though. The life-size decorative swordfish pillow that we affectionately named Philipe:
It should be noted that Philipe is no longer a mainstay of my interior design scheme, but rest assured, he is always tucked in a closet close by for surprise appearances at parties or other special events.

So anyways, even though my hand-me-downs have many fun memories associated with them, my goal is to replace the things I've accumulated out of need with things that I've carefully picked out and love.

The great thing about this is that since I'm replacing existing items, I can really take my time to seek out the just the right pieces that fit my taste and budget.

My "hit list" so far:
  • Storage piece for kitchen.
  • Old chair (to reupholster) to put at a desk.
  • Chair for living room.
  • New end table for living room.
  • New TV for bedroom.
I'm struggling a little bit with the chair and end table. I tend to gravitate towards clean, modern lines and while I'm certainly not blessed with "an eye" for interior design, I know what I like. Which is why I always find myself at the same stores over and over again- Crate & Barrel, West Elm, and CB2. I can only stalk those websites so much before it's apparent that no new merchandise is going to magically appear.  

So... here's where you come in!  Does anyone have any suggestions for similarly merchandised (reasonably priced) stores that I might be missing?  I need some help!


Erika Goodwin said...

Homegoods!! Changes all the time so it can be hit or miss - but you can find great stuff there for really great prices! Pier One has also had some great stuff lately and they are having a good sale right now!

melissa said...

Do you have Z Gallerie in Texas? They have modern furniture and their prices are usually pretty reasonable.

The Connaughton's said...

What about Pottery Barn! I love shopping on their website, but I bet ya'll have one there!

Wayne Walker said...

I recommend your parents attic. Price is right and I think that Martha Washington left some lamps up there!

dottywalk said...

We do not bend Philipe. We do not feed Philipe beer...