Thursday, July 14, 2011

Things I am loving


  1. *Fresh haircuts. Ahhhh... better than therapy. Y'all have heard me brag on my guy many times before, but he is worth every bit of praise I can give him. Only I think I may have freaked him out today- he was talking about getting into real estate investing and I may have told him that if he ever quits cutting hair that I would look him up in the tax rolls and show up at his house with scissors in my hand. I was kidding... in that I'm-halfway-kidding-but-not-really-because-I-really-would-so-don't-test-me way. Don't worry- I'm not boiling any bunnies yet.
  2. TripIt. I'll pause for a moment to allow time for you to go to the app store and download TripIt. Done? Good. If you travel a lot, are planning a big trip, love to have a detailed itinerary on-hand, or are just a hot mess like me- you need this! Simply sign up, then email all your trip info (flights, hotel confirmations, car reservations, etc.) to and it automatically creates a detailed itinerary with reservation information, contact phone numbers, and pretty much everything short of your booking agent's blood type all in one place accessible via web, iPhone or iPad. Amazing.
  3. A fun, new furniture project. (The shower was cancelled and y'all know I can't sit still!) So, I am officially on a mission to find an old chair and refinish/reupholster it into something funky, modern, and fabulous. This is my inspiration chair. I found a contender last weekend, but want to check out a few more places before I commit to anything. Specifically this fabulous little consignment store!
  4. The fact (and perfect timing of said fact) that AT&T announced two days ago that they will be cutting the cost of their international data plans in half. (Still ridiculous, but half as ridiculous is a vast improvement!)
  5. I can't leave y'all without some music! I've been on a huge cover kick recently. A couple of my favorites as of late:

And a duet of one of my top five songs of all time, Sideways, by Citizen Cope. The original is still my favorite but I adore it so much that I've been loving this version as well:

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Maggie said...

Totally downloaded TripIt after this post, and have loved it! I'm always such a mess with various itineraries everywhere - love how organized this is. Thanks!