Sunday, August 21, 2011

Headed Home!

Whew... I am one tired girl!

It's been fun and I look forward to giving y'all the highlights. Against all odds, we made it out the door at 5:30am in order for me to make my 8am flight. I am now in Madrid waiting on the long-haul leg. We ended up relatively unscathed, save for a little drama. Funny enough, none of the drama was language-barrier related, communication in France and Italy was a non-issue. It's only now that I've arrived in Madrid that I realize how very little spanish I know. This Texas girl should probably work on that one a bit...

I hope everyone has had a great weekend! Looking forward to checking in with you soon, although it might take a couple days.... have I mentioned that I'm moving in our new place tomorrow?


I am certainly not the brightest crayon in the box.

Wish me luck. You may find me rocking in the corner desperately clinging to a can of Red Bull over the next week.

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