Friday, September 16, 2011

Girly Friday Night

Do you ever have those nights where all you want to do is just hibernate?  I've decided that my wild and crazy plans for Friday night are going to be just that. I've been hitting it pretty hard since we moved to the new place and nothing sounds better to me right now than a night at home with my puppy dog.

On the agenda?
  • A bubble bath with these and this.
  • Take-out from my new favorite Thai place.
  • A movie from Redbox.
  • At home beauty treatments.
Yep, I'm one pint of Ben &Jerry's away from being the ultimate cliché and I love every bit of it. The only thing that could make it better would be if it were to rain tonight.

So let's talk a moment about the last one on the list... I love trying new products, food, wine, music, etc that I hear about through the blogosphere, so I thought I might have the same luck with your secret at-home beauty rituals.

Any great drug store products I should try? Or even concoctions I can whip up in my kitchen? I've always heard about people mashing together an avocado and olive oil and coating their hair in it, but I've never tried any of it for fear of smelling like guac when I'm done. However, I'm feeling adventurous this Friday, so if you have any- lay it on me! In exchange, I'll share a few of my own inexpensive beauty secrets:

My favorite secret is that I use temporary hair dye kits every eight weeks or so. No, I am not a ginger-in-hiding or trying to cover up the grays. I would actually LOVE to be a ginger and don't have a single gray hair {knock on wood}. A few years ago I wanted to grow out my highlights, but didn't want to rock roots while doing so. I came up with a plan to use temporary hair dye to cover up the highlights while they were growing out, and because it washed out after 28 washes or so- I was back to my natural color after a few months. Because I was using dark dye with no ammonia, a surprise side-effect was super shiny, healthier looking hair. I've been addicted ever since and it's my favorite boost when I'm in between cuts and my hair is feeling very 'blah.' I think salons do the same thing but they call it a "glossing treatment" and charge you $50 for it. In the fall I usually go a few shades darker to welcome the colder weather.

I also have really dry skin which gets even worse this time of year. A few of my favorite at home remedies to keep me from looking like a molting snake are One Minute Manicure for my hands, Aveda's Intensive Hydrating Mask for my face, and good old fashioned Vaseline for my lips. And this isn't anything new, but on nights that I hibernate I also love to slather the thickest moisturizer I own on my feet and put on socks.

So girls... any must-try beauty favorites?  What do you do on nights when you hibernate?

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Harper said...

Queen Helene's Mint Julep Masque is my secret weapon...and it's still so cheap! On a more expensive note, anything from the Bliss line is pure heaven. Top picks are the oxygen facial (at home version is hundreds cheaper than the spa price) and their "soap n scrub" exfoliator. :)