Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Things I am loving...

  1. Ham & Cheese croissants from Paradise Bakery. I forgot how much I loved these things. Paradise Bakeries are few and far between in Dallas, but these are worth the 20 minute drive.
  2. Versa in a Can from Palm Beach Tan. We are still flirting with the triple digits in these parts which means the need for sleeveless shirts and dresses is still present. I always use a gradual self tanner in the summer, but tend to forget and slack off this time of year. This stuff is perfect for when you need a little bit of instant color. It is a really fine mist and is almost impossible to mess up. I say "almost" since I zebra-striped the back of my legs last week, but I'm comfortable enough with it to use it on my face if that tells you anything.
  3. Our new apartment. I really am loving everything about it. I love the layout, the way it's come together and most of all- the location. I walked home from watching the Cowboys game Sunday night, walked to get a massage yesterday, I even walked to a meeting this week after going home for lunch.
  4. Fall shows. I'm not a huge TV watcher, but I'm still excited about the upcoming season of Gossip Girl and a few other trashy favorites. I missed Bachelor Pad this year since it started while I was gone, but on the plus side I'm guessing that I saved a few braincells as a result.  :)
  5. I am still on a cover kick... this one we heard at a bar in Eze and I loved it. Extremely mellow but good for cooking with a glass of wine in your hand:

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