Monday, October 10, 2011

September in Pictures

Cooler weather and lots of celebrating- I couldn't ask any more from September! It was a fun one and I think October is looking pretty promising as well.

Girls dinner for Alex's 30th since I missed the official celebration in August.

 Happy Birthday, dad! He has been wanting a Big Green Egg for ages and my mom finally broke down. She didn't love the idea because she thought it was ugly, but she has been converted as well. I have to agree with her- everything we've made has turned out delicious.

 Pizza from the Egg. The ceramic construction basically makes it just like a wood burning pizza oven. We still haven't mastered sliding it on the grill gracefully, but we're getting there.

 Sunday Funday at Katy Trail Icehouse. Have you ever had a Beerita?  They are pretty good!

 Moose gives it two paws up as well!

It's hard to beat a lunch date with these two. Our waiter would not stop commenting on how beautiful Madi was. I have to agree- look at those cheeks! 

I ran into an old coworker at the Loon. Ford used to man the grill at the golf course I beer bitched at drove the beverage cart at in college so spent many many weekends slaving away together at Shadow Hills Golf Course. Love this guy.  

 My favorite use for the iPad = fantasy football.

 Add it to the list of shit that would only happen to me- I left a light on in my car and had to call my dad to help me jump it. Everything was attached properly and we were doing great until both engines started smoking and the rubber was melting off the jumper cables in oozing strands. I'm lucky we didn't blow both of us and the building up.

 All the single ladies dancing at the ABC Premiere Party. The local station hosts a media party to show off previews for all the new fall shows. The party was "Pan Am" themed with girls dressed in Pan Am uniforms greeting you at the door, etc. It was very cute, but kind of a waste now that I hear rumblings that Pan Am isn't going to make the cut. 

 My girly night in was a huge success with lots of wine and pampering. Alex was finishing some post-move decorating when we noticed that my face kind of matched her new mirror. :) 

My sweet friend, Tim, at dinner for his FORTIETH birthday! WTH, how do I have friends that are already 40?! Madness!

We finally got rain in Dallas. This was great news except the drainage holes in the balcony off my bedroom were plugged up. I came home to soaking wet carpet clear on the opposite side of the room from the balcony. Some fancy vacuum and three days of these commercial fans, and I was dried back out.

The water was still knuckle deep when I got home.

Nike Training Club is my new favorite exercise app. Holy smokes- it will kick your butt, literally. I only did about 10 minutes of this 15 minute work out and I was sore for days.

We took a quick weekend trip to Orange County in September to visit my brother's in-laws. Yes, my parents and my sister-in-law's parents get along so well that they visit each other. It's pretty cute!

Getting the tour of Balboa. 

 Two peas in a pod.

 Being goofy after a little wine our first night.

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