Monday, November 28, 2011

Things I'm loving

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving! It's a cliche, but I just love this time of year. But here are a few things that are making me extra happy this week!

  1. The shopping area where I live is all decked out for Christmas and I looked out my window the other day to find twinkly lights in the tree outside! I love that my "yard" is decorated and I didn't have to lift a finger!
  2. The fact that we have a HUGE meeting this afternoon that could do amazing things for our little ad agency. Hopefully it will go well and I'll get to tell you all about our new client soon!
  3. My big brother and Whitney (and the baby bump!) will be here in three short weeks! I'm so excited that we get to spend Christmas with them this year. I'm already planning a little family dinner party so they can see the new casa. 
  4. College football coming to an end. Man, it was a hard year to be a Texas Tech fan. With the first losing season since 1992 coming to a close, I'm happy that we won't have to suffer through any more heartache until August. 
  5. The fact that three people asked me for my phone number while we were out on Saturday night. Sadly, none of them were cute boys, but as all females know- it gets harder and harder to meet girlfriends when you are out of school and it was funny to me that three different girls asked me for my number the same night. :) 

Monday, November 21, 2011


Since it is Thanksgiving week, I thought I would kick it off with a "thankful" post.

Today, I am thankful for being in possession of all five of my senses.

That may sound like a strange thing to be thankful for, but our office is right next to a Center for Blindness and about once a week I see a volunteer walking with someone that I can only assume is newly blind. The volunteers can often be seen at a crosswalk by my office teaching someone with a walking stick how to navigate the busy intersection.

I am so thankful not only that there is a center like this to help those people, but also, selfishly, that it is so close to my office and can give me a huge reality check on such frequent occasions. You have no idea how humbling it is to be in the car pouting over a bad day at work when one of these pairs walk by. Any concern of mine quickly dissipates and I find myself thinking only of the strength is must take for that person to get through their day. It gives me chills every time.

So, yes, it may be an odd thing to be thankful for, but sometimes the simplest things get overlooked. In our society of conspicuous consumption, it is very refreshing to spend a moment or two just being happy to be alive and have the ability to touch, taste, hear, smell, and SEE the world around us. It's easy to forget that there are so many out there living without those basic luxuries.

Friday, November 18, 2011

So this just happened...

I just left the office and ran to a little bakery here in Dallas called Empire Baking Company. I walked in and wandered over to the coolers where they have sandwiches and out of the corner of my eye, saw a familiar face walk in. I looked over, and sure enough- Owen Wilson!

He's from Dallas and his family still lives here, so you hear about him being in town from time to time, but I've never run into him before today.  Empire is tiny so I was trying to be sneaky and take a picture of him, but my hands were shaking so badly that it just wasn't working. Which, seriously? Am I a 12-year old girl?! I never would have thought that I would be so star struck at a random chance encounter with a movie star, but apparently that is definitely NOT the case. Here's was my attempt:

Annie Leibovitz, I am not.

So I was grabbing a sandwich and he walked right up behind me and was waiting for me to shut the cooler door so he could grab something. I went up to the counter and ordered a loaf of sourdough and while I was waiting for them to slice it, he walked right up to the register next to me. I seriously could have elbowed him. I glanced over and made eye contact with him and couldn't think of anything wittier to say than "Are you in town for Thanksgiving?" To which he gave me a smile a simple "Yep".

My hands were still shaking when I got to the car, but I did manage to snap a clearer picture from the slightly more discretionary interior of my car:

Not a bad way to end the week! His favorite bar in Dallas is a stone's throw away from our apartment and it's one of our frequent hangouts as well. Alex and I may have to go grab a drink or two and see if my celeb sighting luck carries through the weekend!

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

October in Pictures

 Celebrating JJ's 30th birthday at Primebar. The cake and I almost came to blows but despite the heartache it caused me, it turned out to be pretty tasty. It was the Dark Chocolate Salted Caramel Layer Cake from Annie's Eats for those of you that are interested.

While at Primebar we had a pseudo-celebrity sighting- Glen from Most Eligible Dallas. I didn't catch any of the show, but with it being set in Dallas, I've looked up the cast before. I love Angie's face in this one- Patrick was trying to pose for me so it didn't look blatantly obvious that I was taking a picture of Glen and I'm pretty sure the whole table was dying laughing.

Being a Red Raider, I am NOT a fan of TX/OU weekend in Dallas. Our city (and uptown specifically) burst at the seams with Texas and Oklahoma fans. Normal bars gouge you with crazy door charges and the traffic is so bad. We tried to go to Lubbock for the Tech game to avoid the madness, but when that didn't work out we decided if you can't beat 'em, join 'em. We met up with a bunch of UT people and ended up having a blast!

Mustaches as unibrows?

Not sure how this became our favorite pastime? 

The night ended up with us playing bocce ball until 4am in the hallway at our friend's fancy pants high rise building. To make the story even crazier, Trey lives next door to CJ Wilson, the Texas Ranger pitcher who happened to be playing in Game 1 of the ALCS the next day. I'm pretty sure he was staying with the team at a hotel, but we tried to be somewhat quiet just in case... 

I accidentally broke the lenses out of Alex's sunglasses and they became our favorite prop of the night. They make a great accessory, don't you think? 

Taking full advantage of our uptown residence (and not wanting to drive during TX/OU), Alex and I rode the Trolly to watch the Tech game at the Den!

Oh my word. Advance apologies to all of my married friends, but this was hands down the prettiest wedding I've ever been to. It was my dad's best friend's daughter and they went all out. It literally took your breath away to walk into that tent. My dad made sure to warn me "not to get any ideas." :) Oh well- a girl can dream!


Julie and I had to take a penis picture while in Italy.  :)

On our last day in Florence modeling Moose's hat.
Mark got tickets to Bush and even though I was so dead tired by the end of the weekend, the 90's preteen in me couldn't turn it down. We looked up the year "Glycerine" came out- 1994. I was 12, he was 22. Apparently Gavin Rossdale has traded his old bandmates in for younger models, but he still sounds the exact same and put on a really good show!

Sweet, spoiled dog.

 The great thing about roommates is always having someone to play a practical joke on. I tried to scare Alex with Blow-up Kris (pre-face attachment) but it didn't work.

 Our power went out for a good hour and half last week. Luckily we had enough candles around to light up half of Dallas. What do boys do during power outages... sit in the dark? Go to the bar?

I have no idea what was going on here, but it makes me laugh every time I look at it.

I bought giant heels for my Halloween Costume and they were a size too big so Alex could squeeze into them. She's already 5'10' so these probably made her around 6'3"-ish.

We ended the month celebrating my grandmother's birthday with homemade pizza and wine. I'm telling you if you need a gift idea for your husbands- the Big Green Egg is the way to go!

Monday, November 7, 2011

Moose Monday

This obviously isn't Moose, but I thought this video was so funny and totally reminded me of my little dumpster diver. Moose loooves to get into the trash and given any opportunity he will have the can knocked over in a heartbeat.

Once when he was a puppy, I came home from work at lunch and when he didn't greet me at the door I went looking for him. I followed the sound of his whining and found him literally stuck IN the trashcan. He had jumped up on the bottom shelf of the pantry and then did a nose dive into the trash. He was so little that he wasn't tall enough to get back out and not heavy enough to knock it over. He was covered in mystery substances and STUNK to high heaven. He had to have been in there for a couple hours because he had compacted all the trash in the bottom of the can from jumping up and down trying to get out. It was so pathetic and funny at the same time.

Gotta love em. Right, Tank?

Thursday, November 3, 2011

On the Lam

For a girl with bad luck occasionally I do get thrown a bone.

Last night I got pulled over on my way to go Christmas shopping. Shockingly, I was not speeding nor driving recklessly- the officer behind me just happened to run my plates and I may have forgotten to take care of a speeding ticket I got in Plano before I left for Europe. Here's what resulted:

Officer: Ma'am, I ran your plates and are you aware you have a warrant out for your arrest?
Natalie: No sir, can you tell me what it's for?
Officer: I don't know, but I need your license, insurance, keys, and cellphone. You are not permitted to make any phone calls until I know what is going on.

Sidenote: Seriously?! What am I going to do to with my phone to hinder his duties? Call a helicopter to come scoop me up? He then proceeds to take my keys and cellphone and sets them on top of my car and goes back to his cop car.

And then it starts raining.

So here I am, not wanting to piss off this officer that I can already tell is taking his job WAY too seriously, looking up towards my roof trying to decide if getting arrested is worth having to replace iPhone #38. After very little deliberation, I decided it wasn't and kept my mouth shut and quietly whimpered in my car while staring helplessly through my sunroof as raindrops splatter against my phone.

Officer (with HUGE amounts of attitude): Alright Natalie, you should to consider yourself VERY lucky. The only reason you are not going to jail right now is because I only have two female officers on duty and they are both busy because of the rain. Do you understand me?
Natalie: Yessir, thank y...
Officer: You need to let me finish.
Natalie: *zips her lips*
Officer: So here's what's going to happen. You are going to go straight home. You do not stop anywhere on the way. You go home and you call the Plano police department immediately and find out what these warrants are for and you take care of them. If I see you OR this car driving around before that's taken care of, I WILL take you straight to jail, DO YOU UNDERSTAND ME?!

And then he wrote me a ticket for my expired registration.

Back in my early years, I would have probably gotten bitchy when I didn't get off with a warning, but as I am now older and wiser, I've learned better.

I thanked him again for not arresting me, asked if I could ask him a few questions about how to renew my registration without the (missing) paperwork and how to find out if I had any other outstanding tickets before I have to renew my license in February.

To make a long story short, when the whole thing was said and done, he gave me instructions on how to renew my registration as well as dismiss the ticket he wrote me, took my cellphone number and ran a complete background check for me when he got back to the station and called me after his shift to let me know that I didn't have anything else out there AND gave me permission to go to Crate & Barrel instead of straight home.

I would call that a successful cop interaction- especially given how mean he was when he first got out of the car!

The scary part is that I had Moose with me, so if they had arrested me, he would have gone to puppy jail as well and there is NO DOUBT in my mind who my mom would have gone to bail out first!



If you are reading this, calm down. I have already gone to the Tax Assessor's office this morning and gotten a new registration sticker as well as new license plates for my car. I have everything I need to take to the Plano court first thing in the morning. Breathe. 

Did you breathe? 

Okay good, call you in the morning when I have confirmation that my debt to the society has been taken care of and I am indeed a free woman. 

Love you!

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Halloween Recap

I hope all of you had a great Halloween!  Despite the failure of our beloved Texas Rangers to close out the World Series, it was a fabulous weekend due a plethora of social engagements and, of course, the opportunity to play dress-up (Moose included, naturally).

 Ciao bella! My building had a costume contest for dogs on Thursday and I'm pretty sure Moose would have won had I not made other game-watching plans that conflicted. Pretty cute, right? That little gondolier's hat almost cost Julie and I a train ride back to Florence, but that's a story for another day.

 I watched the Rangers game on Thursday with two of my favorite guys. Ross was sad because the game was not going our way. You have not been properly entertained until you've watched America's favorite pastime with two gay dudes. Hi-larious.

I thought this costume was so funny- she was a toddler in a tiara but the stage mom complete with velour sweatsuit and misty lights put it over the top. Loved it.

We went party hopping on Saturday (in a cab). I was Kim Kardashian and Alex was decked out in 80's gear complete with a cassette player as a purse.

Luckily the real Kimmy K waited until Monday to file for divorce bc I brought Blow-up Kris along sporting a Nets shirt and all. I was hesitant to bring a blow up man out with me for the night, but wow- he was quite a hit. I've never been asked to take pictures with strangers before this Halloween.

 Speaking of the Rangers... this guy was Ron Washington during his cocaine sampling days. 

Mark as the devil with his creepy eyes. Sadly I was not blessed with Kimmy's assets on top or bottom so in an effort to keep it real around here I should tell you there are two pairs of socks helping me to achieve the look above. ;)

Annnd the rear was plastic courtesy of a Halloween store. We ran into another Kim at the first party. Her badonkadonk was pillow stuffing. I thought the Dash tag hanging off her dress was a nice touch.

Who knows...

Alex being Alex. :)

 What a gentleman to carry Blow-up Kris to the cab. :) 

Moose wishes you a Happy Halloweenie!