Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Halloween Recap

I hope all of you had a great Halloween!  Despite the failure of our beloved Texas Rangers to close out the World Series, it was a fabulous weekend due a plethora of social engagements and, of course, the opportunity to play dress-up (Moose included, naturally).

 Ciao bella! My building had a costume contest for dogs on Thursday and I'm pretty sure Moose would have won had I not made other game-watching plans that conflicted. Pretty cute, right? That little gondolier's hat almost cost Julie and I a train ride back to Florence, but that's a story for another day.

 I watched the Rangers game on Thursday with two of my favorite guys. Ross was sad because the game was not going our way. You have not been properly entertained until you've watched America's favorite pastime with two gay dudes. Hi-larious.

I thought this costume was so funny- she was a toddler in a tiara but the stage mom complete with velour sweatsuit and misty lights put it over the top. Loved it.

We went party hopping on Saturday (in a cab). I was Kim Kardashian and Alex was decked out in 80's gear complete with a cassette player as a purse.

Luckily the real Kimmy K waited until Monday to file for divorce bc I brought Blow-up Kris along sporting a Nets shirt and all. I was hesitant to bring a blow up man out with me for the night, but wow- he was quite a hit. I've never been asked to take pictures with strangers before this Halloween.

 Speaking of the Rangers... this guy was Ron Washington during his cocaine sampling days. 

Mark as the devil with his creepy eyes. Sadly I was not blessed with Kimmy's assets on top or bottom so in an effort to keep it real around here I should tell you there are two pairs of socks helping me to achieve the look above. ;)

Annnd the rear was plastic courtesy of a Halloween store. We ran into another Kim at the first party. Her badonkadonk was pillow stuffing. I thought the Dash tag hanging off her dress was a nice touch.

Who knows...

Alex being Alex. :)

 What a gentleman to carry Blow-up Kris to the cab. :) 

Moose wishes you a Happy Halloweenie!

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