Tuesday, November 8, 2011

October in Pictures

 Celebrating JJ's 30th birthday at Primebar. The cake and I almost came to blows but despite the heartache it caused me, it turned out to be pretty tasty. It was the Dark Chocolate Salted Caramel Layer Cake from Annie's Eats for those of you that are interested.

While at Primebar we had a pseudo-celebrity sighting- Glen from Most Eligible Dallas. I didn't catch any of the show, but with it being set in Dallas, I've looked up the cast before. I love Angie's face in this one- Patrick was trying to pose for me so it didn't look blatantly obvious that I was taking a picture of Glen and I'm pretty sure the whole table was dying laughing.

Being a Red Raider, I am NOT a fan of TX/OU weekend in Dallas. Our city (and uptown specifically) burst at the seams with Texas and Oklahoma fans. Normal bars gouge you with crazy door charges and the traffic is so bad. We tried to go to Lubbock for the Tech game to avoid the madness, but when that didn't work out we decided if you can't beat 'em, join 'em. We met up with a bunch of UT people and ended up having a blast!

Mustaches as unibrows?

Not sure how this became our favorite pastime? 

The night ended up with us playing bocce ball until 4am in the hallway at our friend's fancy pants high rise building. To make the story even crazier, Trey lives next door to CJ Wilson, the Texas Ranger pitcher who happened to be playing in Game 1 of the ALCS the next day. I'm pretty sure he was staying with the team at a hotel, but we tried to be somewhat quiet just in case... 

I accidentally broke the lenses out of Alex's sunglasses and they became our favorite prop of the night. They make a great accessory, don't you think? 

Taking full advantage of our uptown residence (and not wanting to drive during TX/OU), Alex and I rode the Trolly to watch the Tech game at the Den!

Oh my word. Advance apologies to all of my married friends, but this was hands down the prettiest wedding I've ever been to. It was my dad's best friend's daughter and they went all out. It literally took your breath away to walk into that tent. My dad made sure to warn me "not to get any ideas." :) Oh well- a girl can dream!


Julie and I had to take a penis picture while in Italy.  :)

On our last day in Florence modeling Moose's hat.
Mark got tickets to Bush and even though I was so dead tired by the end of the weekend, the 90's preteen in me couldn't turn it down. We looked up the year "Glycerine" came out- 1994. I was 12, he was 22. Apparently Gavin Rossdale has traded his old bandmates in for younger models, but he still sounds the exact same and put on a really good show!

Sweet, spoiled dog.

 The great thing about roommates is always having someone to play a practical joke on. I tried to scare Alex with Blow-up Kris (pre-face attachment) but it didn't work.

 Our power went out for a good hour and half last week. Luckily we had enough candles around to light up half of Dallas. What do boys do during power outages... sit in the dark? Go to the bar?

I have no idea what was going on here, but it makes me laugh every time I look at it.

I bought giant heels for my Halloween Costume and they were a size too big so Alex could squeeze into them. She's already 5'10' so these probably made her around 6'3"-ish.

We ended the month celebrating my grandmother's birthday with homemade pizza and wine. I'm telling you if you need a gift idea for your husbands- the Big Green Egg is the way to go!

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