Monday, December 12, 2011

2011 Images

I was looking through the Top 45 Most Powerful Images of 2011 on buzzfeed this weekend and this photo in particular hit me like a ton of bricks:

Apparently this firehouse lost seven men in 9/11.  I can't imagine what that day must have been like for them. I love the fourth guy from the right with his arms in the air.

I always make a point to look out for the photojournalism year in review lists around this time- even though they usually focus on political unrest and natural disasters and can be a little unsettling. So often the things that are portrayed don't seem real because they are usually far away from my little Dallas bubble. However, that was certainly not the case with this image:

This is a photo of a lady jumping from a burning building during the London riots. The riots were our "welcoming committee" in London this summer- starting the day my mom and I arrived and ending the day before we left. It was a bit surreal to flip on CNN so far away from home and see 24/7 coverage of the unrest going on just a few miles away.  Especially in a city as seemingly stable as London. I'm thankful that we made it home without incident in the midst of 5 deaths and 200 million pounds in damages.

Anyone else found any great year-end photo lists?  Favorite images?

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Confession Time

Y'all.  It's time for a confession.

I just looked at my Nike + app on my phone and I have not worked out since October 25th. 

This is awful on so many levels:
  1. The obvious- I need to get my lazy ass to the gym to keep it from getting even lazier (and/or bigger).
  2. It's such a waste of money! My gym membership is a perk of my job and in order to keep that from going away, I have to use it. It's wasteful and disrespectful of me not to have gone in over a month!
  3. I get mean when I don't work out. Seriously. Those endorphins are legit and they really do make me a much nicer coworker, roommate, daughter, and friend. So I'm sure all of those around me would prefer that I spend some QT at the gym.
  4. Dan, the personal trainer that I worked out with those two times, loves to harass me when I haven't been in awhile. He does this thing where he saunters up to the treadmill, props one elbow up on the side and says with a cocked eyebrow, "so.... haven't seen you in awhile...?" Guilt trip city. 
  5. That whole "train myself to get up every morning and run" thing just hasn't quite happened yet. 

Which leads us to... a new plan!  (don't you just love these posts?!)

I saw this on Pinterest and LOVED the idea:

I am starting a piggy bank fund for something that I've always wanted but just thought was silly to spend the money on. Basically you get a jar and stick $1/$5/$10 in it every time you work out and when you reach a goal, you take the money and reward yourself. Since my goal is consistency, I'm choosing a reward up front to be my motivation to work toward. My reward of choice? 

Tory Burch Revas. I'm so late to the party on this one, but I think when they first became all the rage, I was afraid they were trendy. I have a policy to spend as little as possible on things I deem trendy. However, I think we can all agree they've now become a new classic. And they say it's okay to spend money on a good classic, right? They're not ridiculously expensive, but just expensive enough to be a nice little reward. 

I've decided that I will put $1 in the jar for every evening workout and $5 in the jar for every morning workout. Since my ultimate goal is to get into the habit of going to the gym before work, I decided that should count for more. 

So that's my new plan, just in time for the gym to be bombarded with all the New Years' Resolution folks. Not the greatest of timing, but I'm excited about it! If this works out well, I might up the ante a bit. Wish me luck!

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

November in Pictures

Man, I have been sucking it up with this blogging business. Truth be told work has been kicking my tail and life in general has just been super busy. I'll try to get back on the wagon in December! My apologies, lovelies. Until then, here was my November in pictures!

Partner's Card damage. If you live in Dallas and don't know about the Partner's Card, let me direct you here. It's a great way to help out a great cause AND save 20% at tons of great stores at the same time. This was the first year I got one and I paid for it with flying colors. 

 Road trip south = a stop to get the best kolaches ever. I don't know that I've ever driven down 35 South (or North for that matter) without stopping at the Czech Stop. Mmm... simply delicious.

 We went to Austin for the Tech vs. UT game and stayed with our college friend Michele. The game was a beating, but the three of us still managed to have a blast!

Love, love, love Austin.

 We also were able to meet up with one of my brother's best friends, Will. It was good to see him and hang our for a bit. Such a great and funny guy!

Meesh eating her we're-losing-so-bad-let's-drown-our-sorrows jello shot with a fork. 

 Beautiful Austin sunset.

 Mark and I went to a meet and greet deal with Daughtry. I wasn't a huge fan before, but he's actually really good! I didn't realize he sang some of the songs he played. 

Mark, Daughtry, me, and his guitar player.

 Lunch with the Godbaby. :) 

Loved this one. :)

I loved my Kim Kardashian curls from Halloween, but wanted a simpler way to do it since I have so much hair. Solution: I bought some old fashioned rollers! This was my first time putting them in and I had to laugh because it looked like a four year old did it. Hopefully I'll get a bit better with practice! It's harder than it looks!

The Dot with her beautiful Thanksgiving table.

Sweet little Cameron playing in my shoes. (the best cheap flats ever!)

 This was our Thanksgiving damage: nine bottles. I won't share the number of wine drinkers with you, but let's just say the bottles outnumbered the people...

 We had a post-Turkey Day dinner at Zeppole at The Gaylord. (SO GOOD!) We stopped by Old Hickory to make Christmas day reservations and I had to take a picture of their wine bottle Christmas tree- it definitely put our Thanksgiving damage in perspective.

30x30 Progress! We started finishing the back of my sorority t-shirt quilt and I'm proud to say, I sewed the entire strip that will go down the back. It's a little crooked, but I did it!

Celebrating my grandpa's 83rd birthday on the last day of November!