Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Belated Holiday Wishes!

Hello lovelies.  Wow- this blogging business has certainly gotten away from me. December 12th was my last post.  So on that note, I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas & a happy, happy new year!

My big brother, Clint, and his wife, Whitney, were in town for 10 days for the holidays so blogging took a backseat to soaking up every moment of family.  We had some amazing dinners, some fun family outings, and I got to feel my niece kicking up a storm. Pictures to come.

When I wasn't spending time in Plano with the family, I was working- in some cases 12 hour days. I am in advertising, not nursing or another profession that requires such insane hours. However, this time of year is always nuts for our little ad agency because we put our clients' media plans together on an annual basis. So it's basically a year's worth of work crammed into about six weeks. Six weeks that always collide with the craziness of the holidays. All I have to say is, thank goodness I was ahead of the game and did most of my shopping online AND early.

Looking forward to playing catch-up on everyone's blogs! Happy New Year!

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