Wednesday, January 18, 2012

December in Pictures

We kicked off December (or ended November, rather) celebrating yet another 30th birthday! Against all intelligent reasoning, I decided another attempt at the cake that tried to take my sanity. I'm proud to say that the second time around went much smoother and I just might make this one a regular addition to my (small) baking repertoire. 

 Jules, our birthday girl, at Del Frisco's Grill. 

 I had another 30th birthday party the following weekend that I had to miss due to the worst case of food poisoning I've ever had.


I thought I was going to die. Those two trashcans were my best friends for the weekend. I was pounding water just to have something in my stomach to throw up. I had all these red splotches under my eyes from bursting blood vessels from vomiting so hard. It was the longest 48 hours of my life. 

The beginning of the Christmas party season. 

Another party in which I borrowed my attire from The Dot. I took this picture to send to her so she would know her sweater was getting good use and she responded by calling me a not-so-nice name. It's not my fault if she mistakenly fell victim to wearing Christmas sweaters in a non-ironic fashion.

Our girls Christmas dinner. I ended up having to work way later than expected and had to scrap the dessert I had planned. Dinky gas fireplace + marshmallows, graham crackers & chocolate = delicious improvisation.

I have a Valentine card that my brother made me right before I was born (he would have been 4 at the time) and it said "Happy Valentine's Day Whosit Walker". I couldn't help but steal the idea to tag the gift I bought for my unnamed niece-to-be.

Clint holding up the contents of the gift. This is hands down my favorite picture from Christmas. I love his face and can't wait to see him surrounded by pink frilly things wrapped firmly around my niece's teeny tiny finger. 

Christmas at my parents = looooots of wiener dogs.

Nothing says the holidays like red wine and Christmas Spode. 

My dad has been playing the accordion since he was five. It rarely makes an appearance, but Christmas is always an exception. It's highly entertaining. Especially his facial expressions.

Mmm... heaven on earth might be the cheese cart at Old Hickory. I asked for the name of one of the cheeses we had, and the server wrote the name down and told me where to get it- Murray's Cheese Shop in NYC. Alrighty, I guess next time I get a craving for it, I'll just hop on good old Southwest. Ooor not.

Wayne's Thong
Hands down my second favorite photo from Christmas. My dad put thong underwear on his Christmas Wishlist as a joke and my Aunt actually bought him some! It definitely made for some entertaining photos. I love this one of my mom.

Someone gave my cousin this machete type thing for Christmas. This picture just made me laugh.

Yay for tiny dresses!

I hosted a little dinner party for my family the night before Clint and Whitney left. Next time I'll be sure to serve a tried and true recipe. I knew better, but my stubborn nature sometimes takes over. 

I'm not a huge fan of New Year's Eve, so when Mark sent this to me, I had to laugh. My sentiments exactly- so overrated!

Instead of all that, I spent New Year's with my best guy friend from college, Ryan, who was in town from North Carolina. One of his best friends is married to my pledge sister so we always have a blast- as you can tell! I guess I was worried about losing track of that bottle? It was low-key which was perfect! 

The girls. Cheers to 2012! Those shots led to $40 worth of breakfast tacos at Rosa's Cafe the next morning. The person in the kitchen yelled up to the cashier to ask if she was serious when she rang in our order. Ha! Nothing like massive amounts of tortillas and queso to cure a champagne overdose!

Happy 2012, everyone!


Tiffany said...

HA! "Nothing says Christmas like Red wine and Christmas Spode..." Fact. So sorry you got food poisoning...YUCK! Glad the rest of your December was fabulous.

Jodi McCauley said...

Great handwriting on the cake! It looks great. Love the tutu too!!