Friday, February 17, 2012

Thirty, Flirty, and Thriving*

So it happened. I turned 30 last week. And it honestly wasn't as bad as I was expecting. I don't feel any different really. If anything, I feel more confident and in control of my life than I ever have.

After I ended my engagement, there was a brief period where I felt like my life was in a bit of a holding pattern. I'm not sure what exactly I was holding out for. If I'm being honest, I was probably so used to being in a relationship that I waiting for the next one even though I was not even close to ready at that time.

Shortly before Christmas two years ago, I was thinking about replacing my dishes and mentioned that I had thought about putting new ones on my wishlist, but didn't know if I should since I would eventually register for them when I got married. My mom gave me a very valuable piece of advice. She told me "No, absolutely not. If you want new dishes- get new dishes. You cannot live your life in a holding pattern waiting for something that is out of your control."

Over the past few years I've taken that advice and applied it to several areas of my life, and I've never been happier. Now I don't wait to cook for a date as an excuse to open a $20 bottle of wine. I don't wait for the perfect house to buy a new piece of furniture. I don't wait for a permanent travel buddy to galavant across Europe.

I'll drink that nice bottle with nothing but a cheese plate and call it dinner.
I'll stick a fancy Crate & Barrel hutch in my urban rental.
I'll plan a trip with damn near anyone that wants to see a part of the world I haven't been to yet.

I think it's a much better way to look at life than fretting over being 30 and single.

I was talking to one of my guy friends the other day (who is 33) and he said that he wouldn't date a girl younger than 28 because he thought that most women grew up immensely between the ages of 25 and 30. His observations were that women around the age of 30 were significantly more confident, independent, and interesting to have a conversation with than women in their early 20's.

I couldn't agree more.

When I was 25, I pretty much defined train wreck. My finances were a disaster, I was in a toxic relationship, and I had absolutely no direction professionally. I had a hard time behaving like an adult because I didn't feel like an adult. I think that had a significant impact on my professional life in particular. It's only been in the last year or so that I sincerely feel like I can walk into a room and take control of it in a professional capacity. I have no idea if it's the lessons learned or the ever so slight lines that have started creeping into my face, but I find that people have begun to take me seriously. I don't feel like I'm pretending anymore and that is such a nice perk of this getting older business.

My whole point being, 30 is not so terrible after all. Is my life where I thought it would be when I was 18? No, but in some ways it's a lot better than I could have imagined. I've always thoroughly enjoyed having the freedom to do as I please- so I feel like in a lot of ways, my life is very fitting. Maybe I will get married, maybe I won't. Who knows, but over the last two years I've made the conscious decision not to live life in a holding pattern hoping that I will wake up on the set of a romantic comedy. I am going to embrace 30 with everything I have and travel, cook, explore, and live life as thoroughly as I can.

If I've learned one thing from watching my friends, it's that the whole marriage thing is very sneaky. One day you're single and the next you're saving for a college fund. I hope to eventually have the incredible honor of saving for a college fund, but until then I plan to spend my money on adventures and plane tickets so I'll have some awesome stories to tell my kids one day.

Older, ever so slightly wiser, and looking forward to the future... Bring it, 30!

*Bonus points if you can name the movie without cheating.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day!

I saw this on Kate Middleton for the Win and it made me laugh:

Hope you all have a wonderful Valentine's with your own Princes! 

Monday, February 6, 2012

Weekend Recap

Hello lovelies!  Just checking in with you- it was a busy weekend!  In the last four days....

I got a new (to me) ride that I am loving!

Got to see my first hockey overtime/shoot-out game (which we ended up winning!):

And got back in the kitchen to try out a new Super Bowl appetizer that was a huge hit:
{Photo and recipe courtesy of Can You Stay for Dinner}

It was a pretty solid weekend, I'd say. I had hoped for a different outcome for the Super Bowl- Wes Welker was at Tech the same time I was there so I had to cheer on the Patriots, but c'est la vie. We had a fun night hanging out with friends.

And to top it all off, it's my birthday week!  Yep, 29 Part II is sneaking up on me in just a matter of days. I think I must be having a quarter life crisis* because I'm celebrating the milestone birthday by jumping out of an airplane. Can't. Freaking. Wait!

*Our generation will live to 120, right?  Can you even imagine?? Better be a little bit more diligent with the sunscreen!!