Monday, February 6, 2012

Weekend Recap

Hello lovelies!  Just checking in with you- it was a busy weekend!  In the last four days....

I got a new (to me) ride that I am loving!

Got to see my first hockey overtime/shoot-out game (which we ended up winning!):

And got back in the kitchen to try out a new Super Bowl appetizer that was a huge hit:
{Photo and recipe courtesy of Can You Stay for Dinner}

It was a pretty solid weekend, I'd say. I had hoped for a different outcome for the Super Bowl- Wes Welker was at Tech the same time I was there so I had to cheer on the Patriots, but c'est la vie. We had a fun night hanging out with friends.

And to top it all off, it's my birthday week!  Yep, 29 Part II is sneaking up on me in just a matter of days. I think I must be having a quarter life crisis* because I'm celebrating the milestone birthday by jumping out of an airplane. Can't. Freaking. Wait!

*Our generation will live to 120, right?  Can you even imagine?? Better be a little bit more diligent with the sunscreen!!

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POPS said...

uhhh . . . are you going to have to re-title your blog - "Musings of a thirty something" Texas woman? Oh, and you make certain that your chute opens!