Thursday, March 15, 2012

The Gift is Yours

I love this quote I found on Pinterest- especially that you alone are responsible for the quality of your life. I am very, very big on "the small things". To me, the little things you do can either add so much happiness or so much frustration* to your life and reminders of that are much needed at times.

I actually keep a running "happy list" on my phone of small pleasures for those blah days when I need a pick me up. Silly, yes. But it's served me well on many an occasion.

In the spirit of improving the quality of life, I decided to change up my routine this morning. I typically sleep as late as possible, pick out my clothes with one eye open, and get ready with the Today show droning on and on in the background. Today, I woke up a few minutes early, kept the TV off and did yoga with my doors open and birds chirping in the tree outside my door:

It was such a nice change of pace. It's amazing how peaceful you can feel when you just take a few minutes to turn the world off.

I hope you find inspiration in that quote as well!

*Losing my keys was the source of endless amounts of frustration a few years ago. I finally got tired of it and bought a glass bowl that is now my key bowl. I can't even tell you how much this tiny thing has improved my life. It's so simple, but oh my word- never ever losing my keys when it used to be a daily frustration? Wonderful. 

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