Wednesday, March 7, 2012

January in Pictures

I was about to do a February in Pictures post and realized I never did January! Looking back it doesn't appear that I was very into taking photos. Most of them seemed to be centered around two of my favorites- Moose and Madi.

Speaking of Madi- my sweet godbaby turned one on the 18th! She was so cute and dainty with her cake. Her mama literally had to smush her hand into it to get her going. But once she got started there was chocolate cake everywhere. I think she enjoyed herself though!

My favorite store, Oil & Vinegar, reopened in the metroplex after closing it's Galleria location several years back. It's hard to beat a store that focuses solely on oil, vinegar, herb mixes, and pastas. 

Every once in awhile one of our clients is asked to do a segment on Good Morning Texas. I love managing these appearances because you never know who the other guests will be. I've met some very interesting people in the green room waiting for our screen time. 

One of my new favorite wines! It is a delicious red called La Quercia. Dallasites you can find it at Jimmy's, Eatzi's, or Central Market. 

I saw this in H&M and laughed out loud. I love my Twilight as much as the next tween, but I doubt I'll be sporting movie quotes as fashion any time soon.

This photo makes me laugh. I was trying to trim Moose's nails and he literally wiggled his fat little body around and stuck his paws underneath my arm so I couldn't reach them. Annoying but smart. I had to laugh.

More Madi! (See? I told you!) My cutie lunch date.

Instagram Moose Nose.

Y'all. This was a lady at the Dallas courthouse helping me take care of a ticket. I have never seen nails like that in real life. I stood there absolutely fascinated as she did simple tasks like use a pen, type on a calculator and answer a phone. She was so nice which makes me a really bad person, but I was just in awe.

See? Pretty sad showing for pictures from January. I'll make it up to you in February!

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Vicki said...

Those nails are gross. Seriously, they make me want to gag! :(