Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Let's Play a Game!

The game is: Guess what the object in the middle of the cutting board is:

Water Chestnut? 

Almond Sliver?

Slice of Grape? 

Need a hint?

Yep, if you guessed finger/nail... you are correct!!

In probably my most significant kitchen injury to date, I decided last night that I no longer needed my fingertip and/or about a quarter of my nail.

I was cooking dinner and got a little too over-zealous while chopping up some basil. When I cut it, I immediately grabbed a paper towel to put pressure on it. It wasn't until my roommate came running over that we peeked at it and realized there was a fairly decent chance my finger was somewhere amongst the basil. We moved a leaf over, and sure enough- there it was! 

Side PSA: if you are looking at purchasing good quality knives, I highly recommend Global. That sucker breezed right through my fingernail and flesh like it was warm butter. And it was a clean, perfect slice. It was very strange to pick up the tip of my finger with the nail still perfectly attached. 

My nurse roommate instructed me to put heavy pressure directly on the tip for at least 15 minutes, if not longer, due to the area I cut. She stepped up like a champ and finished dinner while I stood off to the side and instructed her on what to do. She even assisted in ripping off the bloody paper towel for me since after an hour it was stuck on there as if I had glued it (and I was too much of a pansy to do it myself). Thanks Alex! 

Lesson learned, from now on I will be chopping things with my fingers curled under like the pros. I watch enough food network to know that's how you are supposed to do it, but sometimes I feel silly and snobby copying stuff the pros do without having had formal training myself. I feel the same way about swirling and sniffing wine- the only time I ever do it is when I'm with my parents. Granted that's also due to the fact that if I'm with them, I'm probably drinking wine that's actually worthy of swirling. Swirling Barefoot = Pointless, no? I kid, I kid... I would never drink Barefoot. Just Oak Leaf.  :) 

Anyways, that's my little adventure for the week- I hope your Monday was a little better (and a lot less bloody) than mine!  Have a great week!

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Jodi McCauley said...

Oh dear lord....how has it healed? This looks awful!!!