Monday, March 26, 2012

Pinterest PSA

Like most of you out there, Pinterest has inspired me in a lot of ways: food, fashion, and home decor to name the biggies. I joined the wonderful time-suck of a website shortly after moving and loved looking at all the ideas for decorating.  After getting settled into our new place, I had this big empty space on one of our walls:
In the past, I have gravitated towards BIG artwork to fill spaces with a dramatic punch (like the picture on the left), but with that and another large piece already in our living room, it would have been too much of the same. So I decided to create a gallery wall instead. Enter Pinterest! 

This was quite an undertaking because hanging pictures is not my forte. I do best with artwork that has a wire on the back and requires one nail and no sort of measuring or leveling whatsoever. So when I saw this pin claiming to be a fail-proof way to hang a gallery wall, I thought to myself "PERFECT!"
Um... not so much.

Let's just say looks are deceiving and this wasn't quite as easy as they make it out to be.  I went through the motions and did everything they said to do:
Laid the pictures out how I wanted them...
Taped strips of wax paper together and marked the spots where the nails should go...
Taped it to the wall, centered where the pictures would hang...
And hammered in the nails according to my markings.

And my wall ended up looking like this:
So crooked it looked like it should be in a Dr. Suess book.

I begrudgingly got out the damn level and went to work correcting my "fail-proof" hanging method. A few slight adjustments and I ended up here:

It still looks a slightly crooked in the picture, but I swear it doesn't in person (or at least not to my non-type-a self).

It took some work, but I love the way it turned out! I think it's so much more interesting than one giant picture. I was so inspired that I decided to do a mini gallery wall in my bedroom:
On this one I used a combination of eyeballing it and the toothpaste method to hang these pictures and it turned out to be MUCH easier. I highly recommend toothpaste vs. wax paper.

I love Pinterest and won't be judging future project ideas on this one experience, but I may do a little more research next time!

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