Wednesday, April 18, 2012

April Birchbox

I think Birchbox is experiencing a little growth spurt as evidenced by their wait list and the fact that this month's box seemed to arrive later than usual. However, a little extra anticipation makes getting my favorite piece of mail even more fun.  Here is what was in my April box:
  1. Olie Biologique Huile Modern. I have really really dry skin so I am all about oils. The last two Birchboxes have included oils for your hair, so I was excited to get one to use on my skin. I tried this out last night and I really did like it, however, I won't be paying $56 for it ANYTIME soon. I suspect the argan oils you can get on amazon for $12 do pretty much the same thing.
  2. Revolution Organics Freedom Glow Beauty Balm. I have always wanted to try the NARS multiples that seem to have a cult following and this is very similar. I tried it on my lips and it has a great texture, is very moisturizing, and was a color that I would have chosen on my own. I meant to try it as blush this morning, but was running late.
  3. Befine Gentle Cleanser and Befine Daily Moisterizer. Haven't used either yet. I'll probably wait and use these as travel products since they are in little disposable packets. I love that they are both reasonably priced and that the moisturizer has SPF. 
  4. Le Palais des Thés Tea Bags. Love green tea. Love all things french. I haven't tried these yet, but I have high hopes. 
  5. Atelier Orange Sanguine Perfume. I hate sugary sweet scents and this is definitely not one of those. I like it, but it has a familiar quality that I can't put my finger on which is driving me slightly crazy. I would definitely keep this in mind next time I'm in need of perfume- which won't be for awhile. Maybe I can figure out what it reminds me of in the meantime.
I told myself that I would try out Birchbox and keep subscribing as long as I felt as though something in the box was worth the $10 charge every month. For me, this month, that was probably the Revolution Beauty Balm. But who am I kidding- I'm not canceling anytime soon. I adore getting fun, girly things in the mail. You can sign up for your own box here!

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