Thursday, April 19, 2012

Baby Cuteness

The baby boom has officially started.  My sister-in-law obviously had Delaney two weeks ago, next week Jodi will have Kennedy, Whitney will have Jack the week after, and Julie will have Luke in May. I am loving every second of all the cuteness.

Speaking of... I had to share my two favorite videos from the last month.

I spent all of last weekend trying to catch Delaney's cute little baby sneezes on video. Inevitably anytime I had my iPhone in her face, she wouldn't do it and as soon as I set it down she would. The day after I got home my sister-in-law texted me this:

I've already watched it like 10 times.

This one is of my sweet Godbaby, Madi, at brunch. It cracks me up that she eats lemons even though she obviously doesn't like the sourness of them.

Too cute!!

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