Wednesday, April 4, 2012

March in Pictures

Sorry in advance y'all- March was picture overload...

New bed
Moose got an upgrade to his living quarters this month. I ordered a new bed for him in December(!) and it just arrived a few weeks ago. The picture above his bed is from Jodi. She called my mom while I was in San Diego and asked if she could come over and take some professional photos of him. She edited them, and then printed her favorites/framed the best one and gave it to me for my birthday. Such a sweet and thoughtful gift. If you are in Dallas and would like photos of your child (furry or otherwise), she can be reached here!

When you live in a huge city like Dallas, sometimes you just need to mix it up a bit and do something you wouldn't normally do. Such was the case when we decided to forgo our typical weekend plans and spend an evening at Medieval Times. 


Cheesy doesn't even begin to describe it. But despite the terrible acting, subpar food, and ridiculously choreographed "fight" scenes- we had a lot of fun. I even caught one of the carnations our knight threw into the audience. I know- try to contain your jealousy!!

 My brother and Whitney's baby shower was in Arizona on March 10th. I'm not a huge fan of the scenery in Phoenix, but the sunsets there are hard to beat.

 I flew out a day early to surprise my best friend and meet her two little ones- identical twin girls McKaela and Addison. So cute, but I could not tell them apart to save my life!

Brunch the next day at The Farm. Which- fun fact- is also where Courtney and Ben had the fake wedding during her hometown date on the Bachelor (I swear we didn't choose to eat here because of that).  

My brother's baby shower was Cowgirl themed and was basically a party with baby gifts. Aren't those the best kind of showers? We all had a blast. The Texans all wore their boots and surprisingly, so did a few of the Arizonans. 

All the birthday boys but one.

 The week I got back I hosted a little dinner party for Ross, Tim, Jules, and Alex. I made stuffed shells from Annie's Eats and The Waspy Redhead's chocolate stout cake. Ross gave up booze for lent, Tim gave up sweets, and Jules is pregnant... so it wasn't as overly indulgent as it would normally be but we still had a fun dinner.

 Mid-dinner prep I realized I was out of butter. I sent a mass text and ended up with not one, but three sticks of butter. Gotta love helpful dinner guests, but Ross really took the cake when he arrived with butter and a bouquet of roses. He sent me a text shortly after he left directing me to a $20 bill stuck in the roses saying that dinner parties always cost him more than he plans on. Such a terrible shame that man is gay. 

 Two of our out-of-town girlfriends drove up the weekend of Saint Paddy's day. We kicked off the weekend with cocktails on a patio followed by the Stars game. 

 We found a great spot outside on St. Paddy's day and stayed put all day. After a few rounds of green beers Michele decided that her tongue was not sufficiently green compared to the rest of ours. Needless to say it was a fun afternoon!

Any month meeting someone new to the world is a good one in my book. In March, I got to meet sweet little Hallie when I took dinner to her parents, Jenny and Derek.

 A couple days later I also got to see this little one for brunch.

Savor Dallas. An event where you wander around the gardens of Dallas' art museums and drink wine and eat little appetizers. Also known as the best event ever. This was my first year going and I loved it!

Wine + props!

 We ended up going to Sissy's afterwards and I met the owner, Lisa Garza, who competed on the fourth season of the Next Food Network Star.

Sorry for the photo overload. I hope everyone had a great month as well!

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Jodi McCauley said...

Love the Moose shrine :-) thanks for the shout-out. Also not so sure you can describe Madi as "little" she looks bigger than you in that picture ;-)