Wednesday, May 9, 2012

April in Pictures

Moose's 5th birthday was April Fool's Day. We celebrated with a trip to Petsmart for a new toy and a cake from Three Dog Bakery. Not spoiled at all.

Get yourself to World Market and buy some of these immediately in the hazelnut flavor. You can thank me later. Amaaaazing.

When news that my precious niece was on her way, my parents headed west immediately. However, my grandparents and I weren't lucky enough to jump a plane to Phoenix with two hours notice. I knew they would have loved to be with the rest of the family so I took them out to dinner and we had our own little celebration of Ms. Delaney's arrival. 

Rangers season started back up! I love baseball pretty much exclusively for the food and beer. No shame in my game (as evidenced by the giant turkey leg in the photo above). I love opening day and the few weeks of games right after. Beyond that, baseball is no longer on my radar- sitting in a sweltering stadium with no shade and scores of other stinky people? No thank you.

Enjoying a girls dinner and a beautiful sunset from the rooftop patio at Terrilli's. If you live in Dallas and haven't been since they opened back up post-fire, you must go before it gets too hot. It's the perfect spot for a bottle of wine and their amazing crab claws. Mmmm.... I may need to go back this week!

I know it's blurry, but that would be Troy Aikman (with his back to the camera in the black) and the Dallas Cowboys head coach, Jason Garrett (in the blue hat). Troy sightings are quite common in Dallas, but this was my first so I had to take a photo for The Dot (she's a huge fan of Troy's ass). We were at Katy Trail Icehouse on a Saturday night. People were constantly going up to them, but they seemed to handle it pretty well.

More babies! One of my best friends (and mama to my Godbaby) had her second little girl, Kennedy, a couple weeks ago. I went and saw them in the hospital and she was just so perfect and tiny.

Dallas has an American Girl doll store that also has a hair salon* and a cafe in it. I met my mom, aunt, and two little cousins there for a "Lady's Lunch" and it was quite the experience. On a related note, we figured out while there that my American Girl doll, Samatha, from years and years and years ago is one of three that they have retired. Not to be unsentimental, but I would happily dig her out of the attic if she paid for a plane ticket somewhere fun. 

*Yes, you can pay $25 to get your doll's hair done at the salon. Not to be contrary, but c'mon... isn't that just a little excessive? American Consumerism at its finest. We did have a great lunch though!

This was one of my favorite photos (that I forgot to post here) from my weekend meeting Delaney. 

I'm not the best at dating. I tend to have horrible taste in guys and if I do meet a decent guy, I get bored easily. However, I went out on a few dates in April with a guy I met on St. Patty's day and flowers showed up at my office (twice!) unexpectedly this month. Sadly, I think the last time I got flowers from a boy was over four years ago from my ex-fiancé... and those were never, ever "no reason" flowers. Even when I thought there was no reason I'm SURE there was some reason that I just didn't know about yet. He's very sweet, but it's still pretty new so we shall see...

One of our clients is expanding onto TV this summer and we had a two-day shoot- one day in the studio and one on-location. Commercial shoots are one of my favorite parts of my job- it always feels like I'm out of school on field trip for the day. :) It was a long two days, but we definitely celebrated at the end of it with a big glass of vino in-hand.

I ended April at one of my favorite spots in Dallas, the Farmer's Market. Nothing beats wandering around on a Sunday afternoon with Moose's leash in one hand and fresh ingredients for dinner in the other.

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