Friday, June 15, 2012

Surprised House Sitter

Aren't parents the greatest? I am dog sitting for my parents while they are on vacation and I when I first got to the house I found this "thank you" goody bag from Sephora waiting for me:

As I've talked about here before, my newest hair obsession is hot rollers. Old lady-ish? You betcha. Totally effective for this lazy girl? Absolutely!

I've been using the cheapy $20 Conair set that I bought at the grocery store for the last six months because I wanted to try it out first to see if I liked it before investing in anything professional-grade. Seeing as how my flat iron hasn't seen the light of day since winter, I've been tossing around the idea of upgrading them for a little while.

Well, toss no more- The Dot upgraded for me!  I tried them out for the first time and I love them!
Big, loose, shiny curls!

She got the T3 rollers that you can find at Nordstrom, Sephora, or pretty much anywhere online. The only issue for me is that there are only 8 rollers. Maybe that would work for some gals but that's a joke for my head of hair. Luckily, I logged onto my old faithful, Amazon, and they sell additional T3 rollers in sets of two.

My favorite part is that they come in this soft sided pouch thingie as opposed to a hard plastic case. This makes them so much easier to pack. I threw them in my gym bag this morning and it probably took up half the space as the old ones. Love it!

I always tease my parents that I'd be happy to house sit for them, but that they just shouldn't expect to come back to as much wine as they had when they left.  So I had to laugh because my first thought regarding the "thank you for house sitting" gift was that it was an attempt to guilt me into staying out of the wine room while they were gone.

Thanks mom and dad!  I'll happily dog sit for you guys ANYTIME!! 


The Waspy Redhead said...

I love love love hot rollers, and have used them since high school. Lately I've been using a curling iron because I'm obsessed with youtube videos where 19 year old girls show you how to put on make up and do your hair. Where was this when we were growing up?

So sweet of the dot. Hope your folks are having a nice trip - are they in Provence, did I invent that?

Maggie said...

I am all over this! I'm a hot roller girl, too, and my set just went kaput.

PS: GAH you are so damn pretty!