Thursday, July 12, 2012

Fantasy Fun

I can't tell you how excited I was to send out that message! We are finally close enough to football season to start coordinating our Fantasy Football draft party and I am pumped!

We started an all-girls league two years ago and even though I have lost both years, it's still been a blast. I love the social aspect of it- talking shit with all your friends during the match-ups, going to the sports bars on Sundays to watch all the games, and being able to talk football intelligently with the guys. But for the girls that are married, it's also made football season fun for them. A lot of the girls used to dread September because it meant their husbands would be glued to the TV all the time, but now they are glued right along with them!

So, since I am two years into this whole thing which ya know- TOTALLY makes me an expert, I thought I would offer up my suggestions in case any of you were thinking about starting an all girls fantasy league of your own:
  1. Ask around. You may not think you know enough girls to put together a team, but just put the feelers out- you'd be surprised at how many girls will jump all over it! We ended up adding more people to our league because girls heard we were doing it and wanted in.
  2. Use Facebook. Assuming everyone in your league is on Facebook, the groups feature can be a great way to organize everyone. I created a private group that only the 12 members can see and that's where we schedule the draft, plan watching parties, and talk shit throughout the season. This is so much easier for us than the message boards on the fantasy sites since everyone typically checks it at least once a day anyways.
  3. Plan the draft party early!! Finding a time that works for 12 busy girls is like herding cats is NOT an easy task. In the past two years 4 of our girls have gotten married and 6 new babies have been added to the mix. Life is hectic, so plan early or you will never find a time that works for everyone.
  4. If you are all doing the draft together at one location, make sure you have your wireless password readily available as well as lots of plugs and extension cords. 
  5. Establish the rules up front. Since I'm the commissioner, it's my job to decide whether a trade is fair or not. I have had friends get legitimately upset with me for vetoing their shady deals. So make sure everyone knows the rules upfront- i.e. no one-sided trades where you get a star player and are giving up an injured one and no "borrowing" players (you girls know who you are!) ;) I think you have to have some ground rules otherwise it will turn into a mess. So make sure everyone knows upfront what constitutes a "fair trade" and maybe even have a co-commissioner to make the decisions with that can back you up. The first year I relied on two of the husbands to tell me if something didn't seem right, but even that gets a little dicey since they are not entirely unbiased.
  6. Get assistance setting up the backend of the draft. We use ESPN for our league, but I think CBS Sports and Yahoo Sports have it as well. On our first draft, we had a few guys come in and look over the settings and tweak a few things. If you've never done it before a little help can be very handy!
  7. Encourage everyone to manage their team themselves. The whole point is that you are playing with your friends. I have no doubt that the majority of the girls in our league (myself included) have bounced a trade or two off the guys in their life, but it's really more fun if everyone manages their own team day-to-day. And- as some girls can attest to- you might end up being better at it than your husband anyways!
  8. Have fun with it! Our league has a tongue-in-cheek name (Dallas Fantasy Girls) and most of the teams have crazy names as well (Mine is Nice TD's... a few others are Tight End Zones, Hopeless Romo-mantic, Victorious Secret... I could go on and on). A quick google search of "funny fantasy football team names will give you more inspiration than you could ever want!
So there's my two cents on the deal! It really is so much fun and I think all 12 of our girls would highly recommend it. If you have any questions, let me know!

56 days to go!!

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melissa said...

Bhahaha! I honest to God sent an email out this week titled "58 DAYS!!!" We are so excited about the upcoming season. The trash talking has commenced, those that change their team name year to year have started brainstorming - it's on!