Monday, July 2, 2012

May in Pictures

Wow... where did June go?? My mom just texted me asking if I still had a blog and I looked and realized I blogged twice in June. Pretty pathetic! Sorry to any of you out there still reading.  I guess I should play a little catch up and post May in Pictures before getting to June. Hope everyone's summer is going well!

 Cool Tuesday at the Arboretum with the Spazmatics playing. Not a bad way to spend an evening in May. Now however? Not so much. Triple digit heat makes outdoor concerts a no-go for this girl.

My mom wanted to see the Chihuly exhibit at the Arboretum for Mother's Day and they just so happened to have a preview the night the Spazmatics were playing. Two birds, one stone? Don't mind if I do!

 I'm a dork, but this just made me smile. A lonely little flower was growing out of nowhere next to an abandoned retail space. A tiny show of stubborn beauty. It's the little things in life.

The baby of our group from college finally turned 30 on Cinco de Mayo. E has been loving the fact that she was still in her 20's when the rest of us had already turned the corner. Finally she's as old as the rest of us!

 No Cinco de Mayo celebration is complete without mustaches, right?

 The boy that has been sending all the flowers. :) I'm not sure if it's sad or brilliant that this is the first photo of he and I together. 

My mom sent this to me when she went to visit my niece. Miss Priss has gotten a little chunky! I love babies with squishy cheeks- especially this one. 

When she sent the picture above, I was shocked at how much she'd grown in one month. I texted my mom one of the first pictures of her in her carseat to compare it to the picture above, and this was the exchange that resulted.  :)

We went to the Rangers game and Too Tall Jones came walking in our suite out of nowhere. He was very nice and took pictures with everyone. I shook his hand and it was like shaking a baseball mitt. 

 Mother's Day brunch! We went to a wine tasting and dinner afterwards- not a bad way to celebrate. I hope it lived up to her expectations.

 Moose just loungin'. I love this time of year when everything you plant is growing like crazy. My basil plant is already huge... I see a big batch of homemade pesto in my future.

More babies! Jules, one of my best friend's from college had a little baby boy in May. He is so cute and tiny- a little over 5 pounds. The doctor had warned her about the potential for a 9 pound baby, so needless to say- everyone was a little surprised when little Luke arrived barely pushing 6.

 I flew to San Diego in May to surprise my best friend that lives in Phoenix for her 30th birthday. Her husband rented a house on the beach and it was such a wonderful relaxing way to spend Memorial Day weekend.

 She has identical twin girls- Addison and McKaela. They are sweet girls and so cute, but spending the weekend with two toddlers definitely made me appreciate the simplicity of my life.

Love this girl to pieces. I can go four years without seeing her and it's like it's only been a week.

Since the kiddos were with us, it was easier to cook dinner at the house every night. This was a fantastic idea until you put the only non-mother (i.e. the one whose wine consumption far exceeded the others) in charge of the birthday cake. I straight up dropped it face down on the floor. I was SO mad at myself! Luckily Onna couldn't have cared less. And we may or may not have scraped off the top layer and ate the cake anyways.

One of the highlights of my trip was when shy little Addison let me hold her on their last day there (twice!).

This just cracks me up. Onna trying to relax on the beach while simultaneously being utilized as a jungle gym.

 Another one of my favorites- their car packed to the gills with baby shit with one lonely bottle of Tanqueray shoved in the midst.

Sorry, I had to include one last photo of my sweet niece. I love this one so much- I just want to gobble her up!

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