Tuesday, August 21, 2012

See You at the Beach!

I just booked my first vacation vacation in about a year with the boyfriend. I got a little spoiled with all the traveling I did last year, but 2012 has been all quick trips and weekend getaways so I am pumped!

We had planned on going to Napa with a group of my friends in October, but that didn't work out due to our trip falling during crush. Instead of staying home, we decided to redirect! We both wanted to go somewhere tropical and we each had one request. His- all inclusive. Hers- no Mexico. So we settled on....

The Dominican Republic!

This will be our first vacation together so I'm anxious to see how well we travel together! The first trip is always interesting: how you handle the stress of airport navigation, finding out each other's ideal vacation lounging vs. activities ratio, the inevitable "bathroom" time, being together 24/7...

We're five months in, so I think we'll handle it just fine. If anything, the resort may kick us out due to D taking advantage of the all inclusive deal- that boy can eat like a linebacker! As for me, I'm just excited to stick my toes in the sand and maybe even get a dive or two in.

October can't come soon enough!

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