Friday, August 10, 2012

July in Pictures

 He is so fat that he sets off the passenger airbag detector. Perhaps it's time for a diet? 

 What is it about bumbos that just make babies look so cute? Not that my niece needs much help. Look at how those toes poke out!  :)

We had Sunday Funday at Katy Trail Icehouse and we looked up and there was a Jeep in the middle of the (PEDESTRIAN) exercise trail. Annnnd a whole lotta police. I'm guessing the driver did not have a good end to his or her evening.

 Me, spoiled??  Not. At. All. 

 D and I had a nice little Sunday night grilling steaks downstairs and enjoying the hot tub. We cooked waaaay too much food. But that stuffed artichoke? Big fat fail from my favorite, Giada. It surprisingly lacked flavor. I may try it again sometime and just make up my own stuffing.

This is what happens when you start planning a fantasy football draft. My phone blew up like this for an hour. But we have the date set! 

 It's offical. I'm dating an aggie... *sigh*

 Post-vet trip to Three Dog Bakery. 

Roses from D.

 I saw this car and I had to take a picture for my brother. We both went to Sky Ranch growing up and I have so many fun memories of that place. Seeing that car made me wish I was 8 years old heading off to camp with a trunk full of pest repellant, labeled clothes, and peanutty crunch candy. 

We took a family trip to Phoenix to see Ms. Delaney.  

 Proud Grandpa.

Whitney and Clint at Tommy Bahama.

Gigi is also pretty fond of this little one.

I saw these in Anthropologie and desperately tried to rationalize buying them. Child to read them to? Nope. Possibility of learning french words I don't already know? Not likely in a children's book. Might look good on a shelf? Not really. 

Damn. Oh well... c'est la vie.

Hope everyone had a great July as well!

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Tiffany Mendenhall said...

I was a camp counselor at Sky Ranch! So fun.