Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Operation Clean Out

With about three weeks until Moving Day, Operation Clean Out has commenced.

That would be cleaning out...

... the DVR.
... the freezer.
... the pantry.
... the closet.

And anything else I can manage to find the time to empty.

The worst thing ever is moving something to a new place, taking it out of a box and realizing that you haven't used it since the last time(s) you moved.

Granted, I am just moving down the hallway and up a floor, but I still don't see the point in hauling pointless, unused crap from Point A to Point B. This is the first time I've ever moved to a different home in the same location, so I'm trying to come up with ways to make the process easier. I just don't think a dolly will suffice.

While brainstorming, I tried to put Bossdad's integrity to the test and convince him that he should be my accomplice in stealing borrowing a luggage cart from a hotel in a couple weeks. How great would that be? I could use the rack for clothes and the bottom for boxes- BRILLIANT!

I got shot down.

In my defense, I was going to make sure they had plenty of carts AND bring it back after I was done with it. No harm, no foul- right?

He didn't seem to think so. Damn parents and their "lead by example" bs....  :)

Anyone have any other suggestions? My complex has a golf cart the security guard uses... maybe I could sweet talk him into handing over the keys for an afternoon or two? I have visions of me whizzing through the hallways of my building while people jump out of the way flailing grocery bags in the process.

Maybe I should move on to Plan C...

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