Friday, September 21, 2012

The End of an Era

Moving has kicked my ass, literally.  I was looking at myself in the mirror this morning and I have at least a dozen bruises scattered around my body, a scab on my hip from impaling myself with a dolly screw, and we won't even talk about the state of my eyebrows up until a few days ago. 

Oh yeah, and this:

I stubbed my toe by trying to open a door with too much in my hands. I cracked a good quarter of my toenail off. It is both disgusting and painful.  

BUT, we're on the homestretch! Only a few boxes remain and I officially have cable and internet up and running. I took a little break on Wednesday night when Alex and I took the boys to see Citizen Cope! It's been on my list of concerts for a while now, so I was so excited to finally see him live. I found myself being "that girl" screaming SIDEWAYS!! at the top of my lungs in an attempt to coerce him to play my favorite song during the encore (he did). 

Speaking of Alex, I am sad to not be her roomie any more but very excited for her to move on to the next chapter in her life. My mom and I figured out that aside from my family, she ties my college roommate, Cassie, for the longest I've lived with someone. That's no small feat- trust me. I'm fairly certain my messiness is only redeemed by the fact that I cook. 

We had a lot of fun, a few fights, and countless funny stories along the way. 

Al, thanks for putting up with me for four whole years. You were my one and only post-college roommate and a very important part of me putting myself back together after my engagement. You were an amazing sous chef- I'm seriously going to have to work on this "clean as you go" business. You were my go-to when the need for adventure would strike. You were the source of much amusement, including but not limited to:
  • The time our power went out and we spent one bazillion dollars at Target buying useless crap to entertain ourselves, including that damn Partini game we never played.
  • The late-night Rock Band parties. Ohhh, the late-night Rock Band parties....
  • The time we went through my entire costume box and tried on damn near every combination of costumes I own.
  • "Yay for cheeeeeese!!!"
  • Carving pumpkins and building gingerbread houses. 
  • The time I came home after you hosted Leslie's bachelorette party and anything and everything remotely phallic shaped in my room was covered with condoms. 
  • Our grocery store adventures- getting so excited whenever we found Oh's cereal, and buying totally random groceries we didn't need (like Glogg).  
  • The silly gifts that just proved how well we know each other (i.e. my mopping slippers and your happy man.)
  • The time we were going to move to New York City.
  • "Excuse me, do you have heart shaped pizzas today?"
  • Decorating the phallic bachelorette beer bong (like what I did there?) with a hot glue gun and rhinestones to make it less offensive looking. 
  • The time I woke up thinking you were really excited that it was Saturday and were laying in bed yelling "wahooooo" to yourself only to realize the White Rock marathon was going on right outside our door and people were cheering on the runners. 
So much fun!
 Our housewarming party in the townhouse.

 Blowing up balloons for a birthday party = stuffing balloons into bras. Yes, we're 12. 

 We put on all-black and pantyhose over our heads to go steal Baxter from my parents when he was still a puppy. We scared the crap out of my dad, but we thought we were really funny.

 Who needs food when you have wine?

 This is what happens would happen when you had leftover cookie dough in our house. Again, we are 12.

Taking shelter from the tornadoes.

Decorating our Charlie Brown Christmas Tree.

 She coerced me into having a dance-off with Shakira.

One of our many road trips to the LBK.

Dress up! And why yes, that IS a Team Aniston shirt.

Her favorite part of the JT concert. 

I freeze leftover wine to use later in recipes. One boozy night we ran out of wine so we attempted to microwave my ice cubes. Bad idea. Trust me.

Our glitzy stockings- one of the many Target purchases over the years. 


Mexico Part II. Ahhh, to be young again. 

Rememeber icing? I got her several times on a roadtrip to Tech.

Cheering on the Red Raiders!

Pirate Party during football season.

Tao in Vegas.

I mustache you to remove your finger from the camera lens.


 Headed to San Diego.

One of my personal favorites. 

Partners in crime. Literally. She stole that champagne. 

Tonight...... WE JOUST!

 Does this bowtie make my neck look fat?

 Arm wrestling D shortly after we met him on St. Patty's day. 

 It's official... the end of an era has come to pass!

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

August in Pictures

I spent the majority of last August traveling and while I would have loved to have been on another adventure, this month was still fun- mainly due to a LOT of birthdays!

 Snuggled up.

 At a wedding in downtown Dallas. That shirt later came off (undershirt remained) and the tie ended up around his head. I think it's safe to say he had fun.

My 30th birthday present! No, my birthday wasn't included in the list of August birthdays. I turned 30 in February, but I took awhile to pick it out. I love it and it was a great end to the "milestone birthday" presents. Thank you, thank you, mom and dad! 

My sister-in-law's brother, Kyle, is from San Francisco and came to Dallas for a few days. No dinner at Tillman's Roadhouse is complete without their delicious s'mores.

 Lucky girl with my two good lookin' dates. 

 If he behaved this well all the time I would give him eggs in his food more often.

Farmer John Wayne tending to his garden.

My mom and I cleaned out my closet and this was the result. You would think I would have no clothes left yet my closet is still packed. I am starting to come to grips with the fact that I may be somewhat of a hoarder.

Out on the town for Alex's birthday!

The Birthday Girl making a wish.

D and I went on a booze cruise with some work people. It was a lot of fun. Doing things like that makes you realize that there are so many great things to do right in your own backyard if you just break out of your usual routine. I seriously felt like I was on a mini-vacation for a few hours.

My dad blowing out the candle on his first birthday dessert. He had a week full of celebrating because he turned 60! Yep, he can officially eat off the senior citizen menus at restaurants!  :) 

His gift- a collection of 60 memories written by family, friends, and colleagues each tucked in an envelope. It was a lot of work, but absolutely worth it! I'm kind of shocked my brother and I were able to keep this a secret until we gave it to him.

It was a lot of fun hearing all the stories from "the glory days."

Clint and Whitney came in town to celebrate. Which of course meant Delaney's first trip to Texas. I'm pretty sure she was held the entirety of their trip. Lots and lots of willing arms- including mine!

This one is definitely going in a frame. I love her surprised little expression! I could just eat her up.

Restaurant Week! Al and I had wine while the boys ordered two of the girliest drinks on the menu. 

Rachel's 30th Birthday at Oak! Really good food, but a touch on the "foodie" side of things. I was very proud of my meat-and-potatoes boyfriend for agreeing to try their most popular appetizer which included octopus and pork jowls. It was delicious!

I swear I date him for many reasons other than the fact that he keeps my house looking like a florist. He walked in my house the other day and I had flower arrangements on each nightstand and some in the kitchen. He looked around and told me, "I think I'm going to ease up on the flowers." Ha....

Rangers game!

Eating carbs and cheese (and wine) for dinner in bed is my SSB

Football is finally here! We had our girls fantasy draft just before the regular season games started. So much fun!

Hope everyone had a great August!