Wednesday, September 12, 2012

August in Pictures

I spent the majority of last August traveling and while I would have loved to have been on another adventure, this month was still fun- mainly due to a LOT of birthdays!

 Snuggled up.

 At a wedding in downtown Dallas. That shirt later came off (undershirt remained) and the tie ended up around his head. I think it's safe to say he had fun.

My 30th birthday present! No, my birthday wasn't included in the list of August birthdays. I turned 30 in February, but I took awhile to pick it out. I love it and it was a great end to the "milestone birthday" presents. Thank you, thank you, mom and dad! 

My sister-in-law's brother, Kyle, is from San Francisco and came to Dallas for a few days. No dinner at Tillman's Roadhouse is complete without their delicious s'mores.

 Lucky girl with my two good lookin' dates. 

 If he behaved this well all the time I would give him eggs in his food more often.

Farmer John Wayne tending to his garden.

My mom and I cleaned out my closet and this was the result. You would think I would have no clothes left yet my closet is still packed. I am starting to come to grips with the fact that I may be somewhat of a hoarder.

Out on the town for Alex's birthday!

The Birthday Girl making a wish.

D and I went on a booze cruise with some work people. It was a lot of fun. Doing things like that makes you realize that there are so many great things to do right in your own backyard if you just break out of your usual routine. I seriously felt like I was on a mini-vacation for a few hours.

My dad blowing out the candle on his first birthday dessert. He had a week full of celebrating because he turned 60! Yep, he can officially eat off the senior citizen menus at restaurants!  :) 

His gift- a collection of 60 memories written by family, friends, and colleagues each tucked in an envelope. It was a lot of work, but absolutely worth it! I'm kind of shocked my brother and I were able to keep this a secret until we gave it to him.

It was a lot of fun hearing all the stories from "the glory days."

Clint and Whitney came in town to celebrate. Which of course meant Delaney's first trip to Texas. I'm pretty sure she was held the entirety of their trip. Lots and lots of willing arms- including mine!

This one is definitely going in a frame. I love her surprised little expression! I could just eat her up.

Restaurant Week! Al and I had wine while the boys ordered two of the girliest drinks on the menu. 

Rachel's 30th Birthday at Oak! Really good food, but a touch on the "foodie" side of things. I was very proud of my meat-and-potatoes boyfriend for agreeing to try their most popular appetizer which included octopus and pork jowls. It was delicious!

I swear I date him for many reasons other than the fact that he keeps my house looking like a florist. He walked in my house the other day and I had flower arrangements on each nightstand and some in the kitchen. He looked around and told me, "I think I'm going to ease up on the flowers." Ha....

Rangers game!

Eating carbs and cheese (and wine) for dinner in bed is my SSB

Football is finally here! We had our girls fantasy draft just before the regular season games started. So much fun!

Hope everyone had a great August!

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Wayne Walker said...

That may very well have been the BEST birthday present I've ever received. Thank you and Clint for all of your time and effort. It was fun and very meaningful.