Monday, October 8, 2012

Lost Memories

Don't you just love it when something great and unexpected happens and then the universe gives you a big ole bitch slap to put things in perspective? Such has been my life lately dealing with computers and my beloved Apple products.

Low: I take my macbook in for an issue I'm having with my calendar and they tell me the hard drive is crashing.
High: Bossman freaks about me being without my files for a week and tells me to get a new one.
Low: A week later (during my move), I put my brand new macbook in my trunk while I take a load of stuff to my new apartment. Upon my return, I pop the trunk and it slides off the box it was situated on top of and lands on the concrete, corner first. 
High: Take my busted computer to Apple store to see about replacing the bottom casing that is bent open and the perhaps-a-little-TOO-friendly associate tells me he'll just replace it for me even though I admitted to dropping it "since no one wants to bust up their two-week old computer." *
Low: Major issues with back-up hard drive lead to loss of every digital photo I had prior to 2010. 


Talk about a sad, sad day. All those incriminating photos from college? Gone. All the funny pictures I was saving to hold over friends' heads one day? So much for that. Basically every photographic memory from the age of 22-28 was erased. I can piece some of it together through Facebook and the blog, but there is still a ton that will not be recoverable (moose's puppy pictures for one....). I never paid much attention to cloud back-up services like Dropbox, but you can bet that I will now! 

I love digital photography and the versatility of it, but today I am wishing I hadn't jumped on the technology bandwagon quite so quickly. 


*The experience with the perhaps-a-little-TOO friendly Apple guy resulted in the following gem from my mother: "You know Natalie, I'm happy you were able to get a new computer, but you are going to HAVE to grow up and become responsible before you get old and haggy looking!"  

I have quite the knack for getting iPhones that have met their untimely death replaced for free, but this was my first ever successful computer replacement. I guess she thinks my luck will decrease as my wrinkles increase. Gotta love moms that call it like they see it...

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The Waspy Redhead said...

So sorry to hear you lost your pictures! I would be super sad as well. I haven't been good enough about backing mine up either. When I got a new laptop last december, I just left all my photos on my old laptop. The best shots make flckr... but sometimes there are gems or outtakes you dont appreciate at the time but will laugh at later.