Sunday, October 7, 2012

September in Pictures

Fall is here! I'm happy to be a cliché because I love every part of it! Here is the beginning of my favorite season- September in Pictures!

Who says you have to go to a sports bar to watch football? I have nothing against chicken wings and beer, but sometimes flatbreads and fancy cocktails do the trick as well. We kicked off the first Cowboys game at Victor Tango's.

 I find myself outnumbered lately.

 Boys have such random things in their closets. Moose was NOT a fan of me wearing this.

 Al and I had our last "Roomie Night In" the night before we moved. We ordered take out from our favorite Thai place, played Wii, and drank wine. 

Celebrating being done with moving!

 I didn't have cable for about two weeks after moving so Super Nintendo provided some much needed entertainment. I have to say that old school trumps new school many times over in some situations.

During the move, my mom was asking me where I wanted my aprons hung, and I rounded the corner to find her wearing the statue of David apron I got on my last trip to Italy. Disturbing and hilarious all at the same time.

Citizen Cope...

 with Al and Chris!

 The concert was at Strauss Square which is usually BYOB. Citizen Cope wasn't for some reason and getting a beer was a nightmare. The venue itself was great and I would definitely go to another show there despite our issues (especially if it was BYOB).

 We went to Addison's Oktoberfest with some friends. Enclosed Beer Garden + Hay Floors + Guy with Asthma = A Little Time Spent at the Medic's Tent. Luckily, ten minutes later and he was as good as new!

 We came back from Oktoberfest to find that moose has thrown a little party of his own. He got in a lot of trouble for this one.

 Pretty fall flowers delivered to my office. 

Headed Southbound to Houston! I had a work function the same weekend Den had a wedding- both in Houston, so it was a perfect reason to take our first road trip together. It's not a proper road trip (in my opinion) without two things: Big Red and beef jerky. Luckily we found a great stop where we got both AND some good old fashioned blackberry preserves.

 Kung Fu Saloon in Houston.

Karaoke with the wedding party.

 With my parents at our party the next night.

 No Texas themed party is complete without a full-sized bronze bull, right?

 Our party hosts' dog. It reminded me of Tommy Boy... faaat dog in a liiitle bed.....

Happy Fall, Everyone!

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