Friday, November 9, 2012

October in Pictures

October is my FAVORITE. It finally feels like fall in Texas, football is going strong, and best of all- Halloween!

Dinner at my parent's house. They supplied the wine, I supplied the cooking skills to make Chicken Tequila Fettucini. Fair trade, I'd say!

I was so excited to see pumpkins at the grocery store in late September. I bought one to add some seasonal flair to my front door step and some a-hole stole about a week later. My sweet boyfriend sent me these a few days later with a note that said "maybe this will make up for the one that was stolen." 

It didn't make the desire to find/punch the person that stole it subside, but it DID bring a smile to my face. We'll count that as a win.

Working on my disguise for my revenge mission.  I kid, I kid... this is apparently what happens when you attend a football watching party at a house that has small residents. 

Out for Jodi's birthday!

Our favorite dinner on our vacation. The hibachi chef was so funny and by far one of the nicest people we met in the Dominican. I love the top right photo of the lady giving Den the side eye while he caught the shrimp in his mouth. 

He got two entrees at dinner every night. They would look at him like he was a jerk at first because I'm sure a lot of people do that at all inclusives and then don't finish either, but he finished every last bite as well as the rest of mine. 

 Glass of wine in one hand and a spoon with chocolate mousse and I am all smiles.

The last Cool Thursday concert of the season. It was PERFECT weather- maybe even a little on the chilly side. My dad forgot a jacket which is why my mom is feeding him wine while his arms are tucked in his shirt. If that isn't true love, I don't know what is.

 Tailgating for Tech vs. TCU.
We hit up the State Fair of Texas the same day that Big Tex met his demise.
1. Our first stop was to get beers and a giant turkey leg. I loooove turkey legs!
2. The healthy eater humoring me while I tasted the bacon wrapped cinnamon roll.
3. Did I mention it was also fried and covered in powdered sugar?
4. He was skeptical.
5. Obligatory photo with the Ferris Wheel in the background.
6. Strapped in and ready for the first ride.
7. Y'all. These chairs were magical. They were massage chairs made by Mattress Giant and they were so amazing that Dennis and I were trying to rationalize spending $50/month for the next five years to buy one. (No one freak out- there were also half-joking discussions on who would get custody of the chair if we were to go our separate ways!)
8. The view from the Stratosphere about an hour before it got stuck up there holding 24 people captive for over two hours. Thank goodness we narrowly missed that mess- I would have freaked out.

 I chopped all my hair off! I'm having some serious remorse. Mainly because I look like a soccer mom (and not the hot kind) most of the time, but I was just so over it being long. It was constantly driving me crazy and I needed a break. I'm already looking forward to it growing back out.

 All dressed up at his cousin's wedding.

 The cutest little niece ever. 

 I had to share this one of my cousin's little girl, Cameron. I just about died when I saw this one. Who wants to be a princess for Halloween when you can be Cruella DeVille?! Homegirl has some sass to her for being so little. 

 I sure did enter moose into a Halloween costume contest, and.... HE WON! I know, I'm crazy. I really can't help it though. I have a fairly serious hot glue gun burn on my thumb from making his gondola (and a very amused/perplexed boyfriend), but it all paid off when he won "Most Creative" at the Three Dog Bakery Costume Contest.

I felt kind of bad because when they said "the winner of Most Creative, goes to... Moose!" and another girl with a lab by the same name thought it was her Moose. Um, back off lady... your lab is wearing a store bought pumpkin outfit and I have HOT GLUE GUN BURNS and a dog wearing a hat I had to pay for in Euros. I'm thinkin' you best step off.

Yes. Crazy, indeed.

We ended my favorite month celebrating Halloween as Popeye and Olive Oyl at friend's party.

Hope everyone had a great October/Halloween!

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