Wednesday, December 12, 2012

November in Pictures

If you're reading this from a reader of any sort- my apologies.  I just noticed that this was never published for some reason, so I'm doing it now. Nine months later.


My new beauty. I don't take part in the Black Friday madness, but I did wander out into the fray on that Sunday and scooped this up. I was a little hesitant about the color, but I am so happy I went for it.

Mavs game with my boo.

My wreath that I made! I am pretty crafty, but this was a lofty project even for me. I love the way it turned out though!

I thought this was a cool photo of the pups. (taken with Incredibooth)

 Gotta love Trader Joe's! Everything you need to make guac in one handy container- avocados, lime, tomato, garlic, and a shallot. I can't wait until the one down south opens up!

It was only a matter of time. I wrecked my baby. It was raining, I was on a downslope, and my brakes locked up. Luckily no one was hurt, although I'm pretty sure moose got flung into the dashboard. :(

Thanksgiving prep in my mom's onion goggles.

Joshua Radin at House of Blues!

 After months of decision making, he finally got a new car. He went with a Camero SS and he loooves it. I'm so excited for him because he's always taken care of other people before himself. It's fun to see him act like a kid in a candy store every time he fires up the engine. Although I am a little worried about the black on black when August rolls around...

Y'all. This was parked outside of my apartment the other day. I was getting ready to go the Chi O Christmas Market with my mom and happened to look out my window and did a double take. I (of course) hightailed it down there to see what it was all about. Sadly, they were just slathering nutella on cold, stale baguettes. I was tempted to whip up a batch up homemade crepes and take it down to them to show them how to really showcase their product but refrained.

 We took some family photos and my sister-in-law and I thought that more than justified a little pampering at DryBar. 
My new favorite photo of D.

 Happy Turkey.

Indeed. We went through 27 bottles the week of Thanksgiving.

Cheeeeks! I just want to squish them all day long. I showed this photo to my grandparents and they asked if I fatbooth'ed her. I did not.

Baby D with her great grandparents.

Friday, December 7, 2012

Look at this Instagram

CollegeHumor's Favorite Funny Videos

I saw this on Facebook and had to share! I'm sure we can all relate a little bit.

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Thursday, December 6, 2012

Is it Friday yet?

This week has been a long one and I am so ready for the weekend because Dennis and I are heading south on a little weekend getaway!  I went to high school in San Antonio and while I don't get back very often, the Riverwalk at Christmas is a must-see in my opinion. And since Den has never been, I'm beyond excited to take him for the first time.

Not surprisingly, one of my favorite things about visiting cities where I used to live is eating at all of the unique spots that I don't have access to any longer. I have our plan of attack all mapped out, but the only problem is that we're only there for two days. I'm pretty sure I have more than two days worth of restaurants listed in my head.

We are driving down on Saturday (he just got a new car, so he happily offered to drive us) and staying on the Riverwalk at the Valencia Hotel. My food "hit list" so far includes:
  1. Czech Stop - Kolaches on the way down (this is a must on every I-35 road trip). 
  2. Paesano's - Hopefully it's still as good as it used to be. This is where I had dinner before my senior prom.
  3. County Line - I'm slightly obsessed with County Line and their potato salad.
  4. Las Palapas - Pure nostalgia from high school days.
  5. Longhorn Cafe - Another nostalgic one that is right around the corner from my old house. 
There are also several other old spots that I loved 15 years ago that I'm sure would not taste quite the same, but we'll just have to see if we have time. And I am looking forward to taking advantage of suggestions from friends to find some new places that I've never heard of.

I can't wait to show D my old stompin' grounds and get a big dose of Christmas cheer while we're there.

Riverwalk Lights 

This weekend is one of two weekends in December where they line the Riverwalk with luminaries.
Cute little patio on our hotel.

I hope everyone has a great weekend!

Monday, December 3, 2012

Thanks Monday

Monday and I often don't get along. However THIS Monday has been pretty damn good so far:
  • I finally found the Pumpkin Spice Hershey's Kisses needed to make these Chai Spice Cookies that I saw on Pinterest. I love pumpkin and really love chai*, so this recipe should be a winner.
  • I won my fantasy football match up that I thought I was certain to lose.
  • I finally got my Christmas tree decorated last night. 
  • And most exciting of all- I found my iPad that I have been missing for three months! I thought I put it in a safe place when I moved and accidentally hid it from myself, but it still didn't turn up after all the boxes had been unpacked. As it turns out, I actually left it at the Crescent when we met a client for a glass of wine. The best part of this is that ALL the photos that I thought were gone forever when my harddrive crashed are backed up on this puppy! Happy day, indeed!
*If you are a fan of Chai as well, get yourself to Trader Joe's and pick up some of their Salted Caramel Chai