Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Engagement Photos

We finally had our engagement photos taken last weekend! I'm lucky enough to have a best friend who also happens to be an amazing photographer, so there wasn't even a thought as to who we would have take them. As always, Jodi did an amazing job and we had a blast spending the afternoon with her. If you are in Dallas, you can contact her through her Facebook page.

My favorite is probably the bottom left.  I have no idea what we were cracking up about, but it must have been really funny.

I love the piggyback one because I think we look the most like "us" but it's hard to pick a favorite! One thing I do know for sure is that is one good lookin' man. :) 

I hope our wedding photographer has his game face on, because the bar has been set pretty high!  Thank you again, Jodi!!

Friday, November 8, 2013

Update on Life

Well, hi there!  So it's been awhile. Two and a half months to be exact.  An immense amount of life has happened in these last two and a half months. Quick catch up, since I last blogged...

       ... we moved into our new house.
       ... we replaced four major appliances and fixed an assortment of other "fun" house issues.
       ... we moved our company into its new office.
       ... I hosted a baby shower (perhaps a little ambitious just after moving, fyi).
       ... we set a wedding date(!!)
       ... we planned a wedding.

I'm leaving out quite a bit, but you get the general idea. Life has been beyond busy. But... BUT.... WEDDING! YAY!

Invitations went out this week and people have started making flight reservations, so I guess we're really doing this!

My mom took this photo and sent it to my betrothed with the text "No backing out now!!"  Luckily, he didn't seem scared.

We are getting married December 7th at Camp Lucy down by Austin. Thanks for the rec, Brynn!

I knew I didn't want to get married in Dallas, but wanted to keep it relatively easy for guests since most are in Texas- and luckily Den agreed. I knew this was The Place just from the photos online but seeing it in person sealed the deal for us. It's gorgeous and the staff have all been so easy to work with. Ask me after the wedding but highly recommended based on our experience so far!

Now that the countdown has begun, it's crunch time. Bachelorette weekend this weekend, Shower in a few weeks and finalizing all the last minute details in between.  

Not promising you'll hear from me given the circumstances, but I will try to update if I can. Wish me luck!

Saturday, August 31, 2013

July in Pictures

**In the process of getting reacquainted with the blog, I noticed this post from July of last year in my drafts folder. It was already done so we're just going to go ahead and hit post. 

Adventures in living with a boy. I came home the other day to find that he had sawed off the end of the egg carton to save room in the fridge. 

Rainy day in New Orleans.

Cocktail break- little did I know I would be engaged in about 8 hours!

More New Orleans.

On our a food tour of the french quarter. 

Den at dinner before he proposed. Now I know why he was trying to get every last drop of wine.


Right after he popped the question in our hotel.

My brother's crew sacked out at the beach house my family rented in Seaside.

Den & Delaney.

I made Chicken Tequila Fettuccini for the crew.

My dad took us all deep sea fishing. That did not turn out well for me- let's just say I added a little bit of additional "bait" to the water and spent the rest of the trip laying down. Deep sea fishing is apparently not my thing.

Playing at the beach.

Water baby.

Shaved Ice with Grandpa. 

The preferred mode of transportation in Seaside.

Delaney and Gigi sharing animal crackers.

Friday, August 23, 2013

June in Pictures

Just a tad late with this one, but better late than never.


My dad vs. Crab.

We took moose on a walk to Katy Trail Icehouse. I think he thought he was going to die. I had to pick him up and carry him the last leg.

I was grabbing my keys off the counter about to head out the door one morning when I noticed this. Isn't this something only pregnant people do? I don't know what's wrong with me. I'm not a coffee drinker, but maybe I should start?

Flowers from my boo.

Date night at the Arboretum.

My brother and Whitney came in town for Father's Day, which meant a weekend spent with this little one. We even got to witness some of her first teetering steps while she was in Dallas. 

GP sharing his lemon meringue pie filling with Delaney.

How cute is this guy with a wubbanub hanging out of his pocket? It's a good look on him.

We learned something new about my sister-in-law during their trip- she loves doing extractions and being a teacher barely beat out becoming an aesthetician.  

Preflight mimosas before meeting D in Colorado for the weekend.

Not a photo that I took when they were here, but I still had to share this one of Baby Delaney. I can't handle the cuteness.

Moose's blanket was being washed, so I threw a robe that needed to be washed on top of his bed for him to snuggle up in. I found him the next morning stuffed into the armhole. 

This great new dog park/bar called Mutts opened right down the street from my apartment. We decided to check it out with some friends who have a lab that's also named Moose.

Big Moose and Little Moose hanging out. I don't know why, but Little Moose kept nipping Big Moose in the hindquarters. Luckily, Big Moose is very laid back and just ignored him, but it was funny to watch.

Friday, August 2, 2013

Mother's Day in NYC

Today is my mom's birthday so as an excuse to post something three months late to celebrate, I wanted to share our Mother's Day girls trip to NYC.  

1. Stopping by Bryant Park on our way to dinner.
2. Crepes in Chelsea Market. That is a happy/mouth full smile.
3. Shake Shack! It was my first time. It was good, but certainly not a game changer.
4. The Dot in Grand Central.
5. Spice shop in Chelsea Market.
6. Our new favorite spot- the Murray's Cheese Shop wine bar. Every bit as amazing as it sounds.
7. Bryant Park by day. Somehow I'd never seen Bryant Park before this trip. I loved it! Beautiful and so many fun activities going on.
8. Chelsea Market aka home of the Food Network.
9. Stuffed Squash Blossoms at Bobby Flay's Bar American. 
10. The Southwest Airlines Porch (again at Bryant Park).

Our second day we did the Museum of Natural History by day and Broadway by night.

1. The T-Rex at the Museum of Natural History.
2. Silliness in the cultural sections. Did the Museum remind anyone else of a giant collection of diorama's that you made in third grade? 
3. Easter Island statue replica. 
4. Central Park.
5. The Dot in Central Park. 
6. A photo we took in front of Tiffany's to harrass Dennis.
7. Very rainy pedicab ride down 5th Avenue.
8. Checking out Times Square before seeing The Lion King.
11. My restaurant pick failure, Esca. It was a Mario Batali/Joe Bastianich restaurant, so I figured it had to be good, but I didn't look at the menu before we went. Big mistake. It was a little too "foodie forward" for us- that photo is of the barnacles in my mom's pasta. The whole time she sat there going "Barnacles! I'm eating BARNACLES!" She was not a fan.
12. Luckily Esca redeemed itself with their amazing banana pudding.

Our last day in NYC, we did a food tour of Nolita. We did the same thing in Greenich Village last time and had a blast so we figured we would try another one. It definitely didn't disappoint. We saw a lot of interesting things and had a long list of places to eat the next time we're in the city. The cool place with the tree was called Tartinery.

We had pizza at a place called Emporio where Alec Baldwin had his rehearsal dinner. While we were there, they mentioned a nutella calzone, so of course we had to loop back around after the tour and have one last splurge before getting on our flight back to Dallas. 

We had a great time and my brother and dad have now decided that they need a boy's trip for Father's Day to get in on the fun. 

Happy, Happy Birthday, Mom!!

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

We're getting married!

I have very exciting news to share (that you may already know if you follow me on instagram)...

I had a pretty solid idea that it was coming, but he still managed to surprise me. I'll give you all the details soon, but the proposal was very sweet and the ring is exactly what I've always wanted. Not to mention the fact that I'm pretty smitten with the guy as well!

We're thinking a smallish wedding somewhere in the Hill Country as soon as possible. Given the fact that I will be moving both my office and our house practically simultaneously and fall is our busy season, "as soon as possible" will likely be early 2014. 

We're one week in and I've already downloaded four wedding apps, found a dress designer that I love, and my pinterest board is starting to burst at the seams.  It's all very overwhelming but in the best possible way. 

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Done Deal

It's official! We are homeowners!

It's been an exciting and busy week. We closed on Thursday, the POD was delivered Saturday, we packed up D's stuff Sunday, and he was officially living with me by Monday.

We're obviously beyond excited but have to temper the excitement for a month since we decided to lease it back to the seller until mid-August. Let me tell you... it's no fun to get a new toy and not be able to play with it, but since I have my apartment until September it was a no-brainer financially. Boo to grown up decisions!

In the meantime, here are some photos of our new home!

Still crazy to think that this is ours!

 D's three wish list items were 1) a bar, 2) a three car garage, and 3) on a cul-de-sac. I think this was the only house we looked at that had all three.

This room is right off the kitchen and will eventually get new tile. 

 Pool = a must in Texas. We will eventually have to redo the stone around the pool and want to extend the fence to include the driveway.

 The laundry room has a strange drip stall off to the side. We're not sure what to do with that quite yet. My mom has taken to calling it the moose shower. 

 Guest room.

 Work out room- will definitely be painting this guy.

 Master bedroom. We eventually want to close in the area where the built in is and make a "his" closet out of it.

 Master bath in all it's 80's glory. Sidenote: does carpet in bathrooms skeez anyone else out??

 Our very first project once we move in will be the closet. We are taking out everything and starting from scratch with Elfa. 

 Second bath. This will also be one of the first projects. I will be quite excited to rip that wallpaper down. 

It's hard to see, but the border has little cucina dolls. I would have enjoyed being a fly on the wall when the original owners picked out this wallpaper. "Yep, this is The One. The Indian dolls just give that quirky feel that we're going for." 

Kitchen. We probably won't do much in here other than replace the faucet and the cooktop. 

Weird angle of the kitchen. BUT... double. ovens(!!) Something about double ovens makes me feel like such a grown up.

Since I can't actually get my hands ON the house, I've been getting my hands on plenty of goods FOR the house. The corner of my office has become my pre-move storage area.
I would say that my wallet will be thankful once we actually move in and I'm too busy to online shop, but I think the money will go just as quickly to the likes of Home Depot and Lowe's!

So there you have it! Let the countdown begin!