Thursday, February 14, 2013

Birthday Weekend in Charleston

We had such a great time in Charleston! If you haven't been, I highly recommend it for a quick weekend trip. The weather was perfect, the food was delicious, and the people were so incredibly friendly. It's one of my new favorites!

1. My sweet guy had the hotel deliver champagne and chocolate covered strawberries with a birthday card when we arrived. I set my manners aside for a celebratory swig.
2. Den in Marion Park across from our hotel.
3. In front of a theater that was in a scene in The Notebook.
4. Hall's Chophouse. One of the best meals I've ever had and it happens to be run by an old boyfriend of one of my friends. It was also our hangout for a large part of the weekend since I didn't have an ID and Tommy knew I had a solid decade on the drinking age. 
5. Our other favorite that didn't card during the day, Closed for Business. Such a cool space and really good food. We ended up going there every day we were in Charleston.
6. Beer flight at Closed for Business.
7. I tease Den that he's dating a cougar since he is two years younger.
8. At the Calhoun monument in Marion Park.
9. On our culinary tour, we stopped by this old cemetery. Random for a food tour, but it was really interesting.
10. D at the cemetery. It had gravestones dating back to 1762. 
11. On King Street.
12. Trying to get creative at the Calhoun monument.

D was most excited to see Fort Sumter. After a 20 minutes, two wrong turns, and a lot of goofy pictures, we got there only to realize that we had just missed the last ferry boat of the day by 20 minutes. Very frustrating but we were able to see it from afar!
1. Oh, what I wouldn't do to have access to a little crepe stand like this in Dallas.
2. This was as close as we were able to get to Fort Sumter. If you look directly above his hand you can see a teeny, tiny speck of it in the distance.
3. The running joke was that I referred to Charleston's most historical site as "Fort Sumpter" in a text and Den promptly told me "to pick up a book every once in awhile." This was my attempt to add the "p" back in Sumpter.
4. Charleston had such gorgeous homes.
5. Our hotel was in the perfect location- right at the intersection of King & Calhoun.
6. Super old door with no historical significance that we knew of. It was just cool and old so we took a picture.  :)
7. Den pointing out that it is indeed "Sumter" with no p. 
8. Back at our favorite spot, Closed for Business.

Luckily, the hike to Fort Sumter wasn't all for nothing. The Charleston Aquarium was right next door, so we just redirected and had a great time.
1. Acting like nerds before the 4D movie at the Charleston Aquarium.
2. Lemurs!
3. Den hangin' with the lemurs.
4. Outside the Charleston Aquarium/Fort Sumter.
5. Upside down tree.
6. Giftshop goofiness.
7. In front of the main tank.
8. Upstairs looking out at Charleston Harbor.
9. Me crawling into the lemur house.

The whole reason we went to Charleston was because Den looked up Citizen Cope's tour schedule (my all time favorite) to see if he was playing anywhere in the US on the weekend of my birthday. I guess I should thank my lucky stars he was playing in a cool city I'd never been to and not somewhere like El Paso or Odessa!
1. Had to take a picture with the sold out sign and my birthday.
2. Sans his band, playing my favorite song.
3. He played at this venue called the Music Farm which was right off King Street. It was really old with this awesome domed wood roof.
4. Mr. Greenwood/Cope, himself.
5. The cherry on top of the weekend was that Den bought VIP tickets and you got to come to the venue early and see the band warm up. Afterwards everyone was invited to stick around and ask him questions. He was undoubtably high as a kite, but it was still very interesting to hear him talk about his favorite bands and what influences him. I also made a giant ass out of myself when he referenced "DFW" and I "woo hoo'd" thinking he was talking about my hometown and not the song on his newest CD.
6. VERY excited to be up close and personal at the sound check.
7. At the actual show afterwards. Our view wasn't nearly as good, but we were closer to the bar, so win some/lose some?
9. This guy definitely gets the gold star for best birthday present ever. 

Our last day, we had brunch and walked around the city for a little bit, trying to hit a few more places we hadn't been yet. Although, we did stop in at Closed for Business one last time!
1. Brunch at Hominy Grill. HIGHLY recommended!
2. Obviously we liked it. And no, I did not eat all of that. My boyfriend eats more than a linebacker and finished the rest of mine!
3. Second Sunday on King is a monthly event where they block off King Street and the restaurants put tables out in the street and they have live music spread every few blocks. We had no idea they did this but had so much fun wandering around.
4. Homemade Nutella ice cream at Hominy Grill. A birthday is about the only time I could rationalize following brunch up with dessert. 
5. Mimosas make having to leave a little better!
6. D at Second Sunday.

If you ever get the opportunity to go to Charleston, go! I highly recommend the Frances Marion Hotel, Halls Chophouse, Hominy Grill for brunch, and doing a Culinary Tour

Thanks babe, for a wonderful birthday weekend!!

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Tiffany Mendenhall said...

SO much fun!! And best birthday ever! He gets the gold star for being creative and basically just bad ass!