Wednesday, February 27, 2013

January in Pictures

I kind of fell off the "Month in Pictures" wagon in November and December.  I may go back and do a late update just for memory's sake. In the meantime, here is January!

 New kitchen toys at work! My kitchen is already bursting at the seams, but my wonderful family gifted me with a bread machine and a smoothie blender for Christmas. I put both to work for a semi-healthy, first-day-of-work-in-2013 breakfast.

God bless Texas and its patio weather- even in January. 

 {Lovingly} making fun of my niece's chipmunk cheeks after a few glasses of wine.

 Mavs! D's friends invited us to a game and we were practically sitting in the players' laps. It was really neat to be that close- we could literally see the sweat dripping off Dirk's nose. The downside is that now I'm spoiled for all future games!

 Even better, THE STARS! Thank goodness they figured out this lockout business... our little ad agency had already spent hours upon hours on their media plan not knowing if they would play or not. We were a grateful bunch when it was announced the season would start in January.

Celebrating Den's birthday with my parents. 

I gave D Cotton Bowl tickets for Christmas. As a Texas Tech grad, I was very torn on what to wear to a game that was A&M vs. OU. I decided to swallow my pride and wear an A&M shirt for my man. In return he bought a Tech shirt. As you can see, both of us were a little apprehensive about it. He hasn't worn his yet, so I might plan a road trip to Lubbock this fall just to get him in it!

Tailgating before the game. It was my first tailgate to "host" and in my usual party planning mode, I went a little overboard. I made ham and cheese sliders, buffalo chicken egg rolls, sausage balls, and a huge batch of apple cider spiked with salted caramel vodka. For six people. Needless to say we had a LOT of leftovers!

Alisa is a teacher and takes "Flat Felicia" everywhere to take pictures with her for her class. So naturally she had to be photographed at Jerryworld!

Jules and I at the game.

I think the boys liked their Christmas gifts! 

Dinner date with the old roomie. She ordered shrimp and grits at Max's Wine Dive and this was how the shrimp came. Um... nice presentation, but really??

Ben Flajnik came to Dallas for a wine tasting so of course we had to go check it out thanks to our close family ties to the former Bachelor. 

After reflecting on the whole "what could have been" Bachelor experience, I am very thankful for this guy. I can't imagine having gotten into all that drama! 

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