Sunday, March 17, 2013

Lucky Girl

Who would have thought that one year after this goofy guy decided to approach a random table of girls he'd never met on St. Patty's Day, that he and I would be going out on the town to celebrate our one year "meetiversary."

Definitely not this girl!

It's kind of funny to look back on the photos from that day, because it was very ill-fated in the beginning. He thought he lost my card after he got home and almost broke his thumb hitting a table out of frustration. And I was convinced that he was too nice for me and hesitated even calling him back in the first place. Luckily he was persistent, and every date was better than the one before (and his thumb healed, for the most part). I still think he's too nice for me, but instead of being hesitant to date him, I am so thankful that he stuck around long enough for me to realize that's actually such a blessing.

He's taught me a lot in the last year… including more baseball knowledge than I'd ever care to know, the fact that legos are a perfectly acceptable form of entertainment for two 30-year olds on a Saturday night, and the true meaning of the term "bottomless pit" when it comes to food consumption (not joking, he ate EIGHT pizzas at Studio Movie Grill's bottomless pizza night the other day).

But in all seriousness, he truly is one of the kindest people I've ever met. He runs "blanks" through my Keurig when he's done making coffee because he knows I hate the taste of coffee in my chai tea. He helped some random stranger move furniture into their apartment because he could tell he was struggling. He picks up after other people's dogs when he takes moose down to the dog run.

While I don't necessarily share his level of altruism; I hope that maybe he is rubbing off on me a little bit. And thankfully, he thinks that the majority of my massive faults "quirks" are cute. He does an impression of me when I'm hungry (I get MEAN) that is hilarious. It seriously makes me belly laugh every time.

Anyways, enough with the sap! Cheers to 3/17, green beer, and chance meetings!! I may not be Irish, but I think St. Patty's Day was definitely my lucky day.

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