Friday, April 26, 2013

Good News

Today has been a GREAT day.

As I mentioned, The Boy and I have been house hunting. Last week we put a low-ball offer on a house that we loved only to get outdone by a higher bidder. We were obviously disappointed, but figured all we could do was move on.  So we went back out to look at a few more listings today at lunch and we were feeling so dejected... the houses were in dire need of updating, not at all our style, and too far from our offices.  The last one smelled bad and the owners had forgotten to flush the toilet.

Just bad.

I was driving back to my office, kicking myself for how we handled our offer on the one we liked, and thinking about how the house looked even better now in comparison. A few minutes into my pity party, our Realtor called and said that due to some roofing issues, the buyers had backed out and that it would likely be coming back on the market at the end of next week!

We are trying not to get TOO excited since we don't even have a contract in place yet, but we are pumped that there's at least a chance that could be our house after all.

Cheers to that!

Monday, April 22, 2013

February & March in Pictures

Ugh. It's official- I suck at blogging. Not only did I forget to do a post for February, I only blogged TWICE in March. C'est la vie. I'll try harder.  :) 

 The boy and I in Charleston.

 Celebrating my birthday with the girls. One of my gifts was this adorable apron which I have yet to cook in since I don't want to get it dirty.

D's softball started back up in Feb. I am not a fan of him having games 3x/week, but I don't mind the nights of wine + cheese + Girls on HBO and other guilty pleasures. 

 I went to another wig party in February. I had ordered this blonde curly wig for NYE, but it arrived too late. I was happy to have a reason to make the purchase worthwhile. It was also a good reminder to never go blonde. I am far too pastey white.

Valentine's brunch at home. Heart-shaped cinnamon rolls stolen directly from Pinterest. 

Den believes in eating quality food since he tends to consume mass quantities of it. Being that carbs are 90% of my diet, I find it quite amusing. I poked a little fun at him and emptied out a box of chocolates and artfully arranged veggies in it instead.

More birthday celebrations! I like to drag this birthday business out, if you haven't noticed. This was a delicious nutella birthday cake that Rachel made from scratch. It was so good! 

V-day flowers from my boo. 

 Brunchin' with babies.

 St. Patty's Day.

Citizen Cope at HOB in Dallas! This was our third time (in six months). D asked me if I thought I had filled my Citizen Cope fix for awhile. Ha! 

Although I can't complain, because the dude was a trooper. When we were walking into the concert, he bent down to walk under a parking chain and ripped the ass out of his decade-old pants. It ripped pretty much from belt loop to crotch- it was so bad! Most guys probably would ask to go home and change, but he powered through it. I tried to hold my clutch over it when we were walking, but he had to go it solo whenever he went to the restroom. So funny!

 My parents at Eric Clapton/The Wallflowers. They were lamenting the fact that Clapton shows used to be covered in a haze of smoke. Now the fans are doing well to stay awake. Literally. We looked over during the break between bands and two old dudes next to us were leaned back taking naps!

Have you ever seen a happier Easter Bunny first timer? My sweet niece was not scared a bit. Unlike some of these poor kids

I did something a little out of my usual comfort zone in March and rescued this pup the day before he was set to be euthanized. The plan was just to foster him until he found a permanent home. Sadly, it didn't end up having a happy ending since he was actually really sick when I picked him up, but he was a sweet pup for the two weeks that I had him.

On a lighter note, even if your smoothies typically blend really evenly and easily, it is important to always use the lid. Take it from me. 

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Look for the helpers

What a week... first Boston and now the explosion in West. It feels odd to keep blogging without at least acknowledging these tragedies. The events in Boston just make my head/heart hurt and West hits a little too close to home, literally.

My power went out last night and again this morning. It's raining in Dallas so I have to idea if it is due to the weather or the explosion. Many people said they could hear the explosion from Dallas which is just crazy to me- it's 77 miles away.

West is beloved by most Texans due to a little gas station/bakery off exit 353 called the Czech Stop that makes the best kolaches in the world. For as long as I've been puttering across Texas, I can't remember a single I-35 road trip (north or south) that did not involve pulling into the Czech Stop.

My heart goes out to the people of Boston and West. You feel so helpless in situations like this, so soon enough, my blood will be going out to them as well. I know the blood donation centers will be slammed today, but it just feels wrong not to help in some way.

Monday, April 8, 2013

Big News!

I saw this on facebook and thought that it was funny as well as very appropriate because the boyfriend and I are on the hunt for a house! I love my urban apartment dwelling, but I just can't justify its spendy price tag any longer. Especially with the ridiculously low interest rates, etc, etc, etc. It's a huge step but one that we are quite ecstatic about taking on.

We went out looking with a Realtor for the first time this weekend and fell hard for a foreclosure. It was a TOTAL mess. Pretty much anything and everything needed to be replaced from the paint to the appliances, but it was in a great neighborhood and I loved the potential that I saw in it.

Annnnnd then we found out it needed foundation work to the tune of 52 piers. For those of you unfamiliar with foundation repair, let's just say, you could buy a VERY, VERY nice car for what you would spend on 52 piers. 

I'm not easily daunted by home repairs- I come from a very handy family (my mom asked for a tile saw for Valentine's day one year).  I'm more than happy to throw on my grubbies and get elbow deep in paint, but foundation issues are obviously beyond my control and not something I really want to deal with. 

I have faith that we will find the house for us, but in the meantime we are having a blast poking around in other people's houses. My nosey boyfriend saw a bunch of work out equipment in one house and when I walked in the master closet he was LOOKING IN THE LADY'S JEANS to see what size she was! 

Needless to say, we do much better with vacant houses!